Belfast's Broadband Committee is asking people who live and/or work in Belfast to fill out a brief survey regarding internet service, which will help the city in its current broadband internet planning efforts.

In 2017, Belfast was selected by the ConnectME Authority to receive a $15,000 Community Broadband Planning Grant and hired Axiom Technologies as a consultant. Part of those grant funds, along with additional funds from the city, are being used to implement, promote, and analyze the survey, which will help city officials understand concerns, costs, present service gaps and what needs exist relating to future connectivity.

According to Belfast Economic Development Director Thomas Kittredge, “The mayor and the city council have previously recognized that the accessibility (or lack thereof) of broadband internet is a significant factor for both community development and for business development. These surveys are a crucial step in gathering the critical information that the city of Belfast needs to be able to make informed plans that will address accessibility to broadband internet throughout the community.”

There are two different types of surveys, both of which are available online at One option is a Belfast Community Internet Survey (for those who live in Belfast or who have a home-based business in Belfast); and the other is a Belfast Business Internet and Workforce Needs Survey (for those who work at a location in Belfast that is used exclusively for business). For those to whom both of those situations apply, the Broadband Committee is encouraging completion of both surveys.

For those who are unable to access or to fill out a survey online, they can also pick up and return a print version at either Belfast City Hall (131 Church St.), or at Belfast Free Library (106 High St.), during each facility's normal business hours. The surveys (whether online or print version) should be completed and returned by Monday, June 4. Any questions or concerns regarding the survey should be directed to the Broadband Committee via email at or by calling 338-3370, ext. 116.