State Farm Insurance will be accepting applications for its Neighborhood Assist grant program from June 6 through 15. The program offers up to $25,000 for each of 40 projects.

Program focuses include: education, safety and community development. Anyone living in the U.S., 18 years old or older, is eligible to apply (individuals, nonprofit organizations, schools, etc.), including agents, team members and employees. Only one submission per person. Entrants are encouraged to apply early, as the application period will be closed once 2,000 applications have been received.

After the submission phase ends, a State Farm Review Committee will read and narrow down the submissions to 200 finalists. Once identified, the top 200 causes will appear on to be voted on by  the public. The voting phase is Aug. 15 through 24, with each voter allowed 10 votes per day.

The 40 causes with the most votes each receive a $25,000 grant. Winners will be announced Sept. 25. If an individual who is not affiliated with an organization wins a grant, a nonprofit will be matched to help run the program.