The right choice

Jayne Crosby Giles has worked as a community banker in midcoast Maine for nearly 30 years. As Waldo County Treasurer for 16 years, one of the aspects of my job is to ensure the county has the most advantageous financial package. During those years, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Jayne while she was vice president at Machias Savings Bank in Rockland. Part of her responsibility was to work with municipalities and counties in Waldo and Knox counties. She contacted me to help Waldo County invest its money more wisely. The bank offered a premium interest rate that helped maximize the income we could earn on a larger deposit account. In turn this helped us with more income earned on our deposit dollars.

It was always a pleasure to do business with Jayne who has a solid financial and business background.

I am supporting Jayne Crosby Giles for the Waldo County State Senate seat vacated by Senate President Mike Thibodeau because of her strong business ties, commitment to helping our community and previous legislative work.

David A. Parkman

Waldo County Treasurer


A woman of true service

I first met Erin Herbig when she was heading up the first MaineFare under Maine Farmland Trust.  We worked closely together that summer to align my organization, the Belfast Farmers’ Market, with this huge weekend-long event she was producing. She was thoughtfully organized, quick and efficient, a creative and critical thinker and a real team player.

Since her election to the legislature, not only has she continued to look out for the needs of our farming community, she’s extended those same qualities in service to our vets, our elderly, our small businesses and more. What stands out most for me in watching Erin’s work thus far is how deeply egalitarian she is. It clearly doesn’t matter to her what anyone’s personal politics are. When she sees a need in the communities she serves, she sets about figuring out how to make things better for the people.

She is a woman of true service:  motivated by desire to do what she can to remove barriers to success and create environments that nourish an improved quality of life for all. She has my vote this June and always.

Anne Saggese


The real deal

I met Erin Herbig eight years ago, when she first ran for the Maine Legislature and was recruiting folks to help with her handmade, hand-painted yard signs. My first impression was WOW!

Erin knows how to roll up her sleeves and get the job done. Raised in Waldo County, she was the first in her family to go to college and now chairs Maine’s 21st Century Workforce Taskforce to make sure that bright, young Maine kids can stay in (or come back to) Maine and have a path to success .

As House Chair of the Aging Caucus, Erin works to help Maine seniors “age in place” by supporting family caregivers and fighting for more funding for home health care. Go online to learn more about Erin’s passions and legislative accomplishments – she’s simply amazing!

If the past eight years have taught us anything, it’s that Erin Herbig brings passion, energy, and commitment on behalf of her Waldo County constituents. And with her unique ability to work on both sides of the aisle we need Erin to keep working for us in Augusta.

Diane Hull


Voting for Hills

After hearing Caitlin Hills speak and after reading her position paper, I will be voting for her on June 12. With a degree in law, she is well qualified to understand the process of state government and the implications of laws passed, including citizen initiatives, which she supports. She is also a good listener, willing to hear all sides of an issue. We need more people like that in state government.

Caitlin has many years' experience as an environmental advocate, and as a legislator she pledges to defend the natural resources of Maine, which she sees as essential to both our economy and our quality of life. I respect her balanced approach.

As Chairwoman for RSU 71 School Board, Caitlin understands the complexities of providing diverse, quality education for the area, and she includes vocational training as one option. Given the need for skilled workers, as well as good jobs for our young people, this idea could benefit the whole state.

At the same time, Caitlin acknowledges the financial burden of education for property owners, especially in fast-growing towns such as Belfast, and she is committed to making sure that the State pays its fair share of educational funding. For this and the above reasons, I am voting for Caitlin Hills.

Joanne Boynton


Elect Jayne

Jayne Crosby Giles will make an excellent representative in the Senate for all of us in Waldo County.  Jayne has a wealth of experience working with the people of our area and an invaluable economic background. Open and receptive, Jayne wants to know what is on people’s minds and will work with others to find solutions that help us in Waldo County.

Jayne understands so many of the challenges facing Maine people. She has lived in Waldo County most of her life and worked with Maine’s small business owners and families for many years. As a banking lender and in her work at the nonprofit MaineStream Finance, she supported and advocated for small businesses. At Broadreach and Penquis CAP, she helped area families and supported early childhood education for all children.  Jayne’s extensive volunteering attests to her commitment to people of all ages, from long-time Waldo County YMCA volunteering to recently joining Aging Well in Waldo County.

As her sister, I can attest to Jayne’s strengths as a good listener and problem-solver and one who turns ideas into action — strengths she put to work during two terms in the Maine Legislature. Jayne sees problems as challenges and seeks workable solutions — even when there appear to be none.

As young kids, we found our family rowboat landlocked when trying to row from Pitcher Pond to what we were certain must be another lake. While I was disillusioned, Jayne was determined. She led us, dragging and pushing the heavy old boat, over the insurmountable terrain to what we had imagined — Knights Pond. Returning to our camp on Pitcher Pond, we arrived exhausted yet elated. From early beginnings, Jayne’s optimism, determination, and problem-solving continue to succeed and she finds solutions that work.

Jayne Giles is the kind of representative I want in our Maine Senate. In November, vote Jayne for Maine — a vote for the people of Waldo County,

Jan Banks


Dodge supremely qualified

I support Jan Dodge for state representative in District 97. As one of Ms. Dodge’s earliest band students, I know firsthand how committed she has been and continues to be to Maine kids and their education. Being the music and band director for several schools at once, Ms. Dodge has more than 30 years of experience in listening deeply and working closely with a wide range of collaborators, parents, teachers, and administrators, navigating through budget and other constraints, to achieve the goals of excellence she envisioned for us all.

I know as a representative Jan Dodge will bring these significant negotiating skills to Augusta, benefiting not only the citizens of Belfast, Northport and Waldo, but also the committees she will work with at the State House. Jan is supremely qualified and has the kind of energy needed to develop solutions for Maine.  I urge your readers to support Jan Dodge on June 12th!

Gina (Fuller) Tansey


Support RCV

The ranked-choice voting campaign and controversy has become complicated but let’s break it down to essentials.

On primary election day voters will be able to vote yes on a ballot measure which, if passed, will insure the survival of RCV, at least in its present partial form. Future legislatures will then have the opportunity to amend the state constitution to require that to be elected to any state office a candidate must win a majority of votes, not just the most votes. There are different ways to ensure this, but RCV represents one way which does not require voters to return to polling places at a later date to vote in a run-off election in case no candidate has gained a majority. RCV is one form of instant run-off election, one which allows voters, if they choose, to rank order candidates for the same office.

The essential logic of democracy is the careful combination of majority rule with provisions for minority and individual rights. The Maine Constitution, mired in the late 19th century, has not conformed to the majority rule part for almost a century and a half. We need to fix it.

However complicated the wording of the ballot measure, please honor the Peoples’ Veto and vote yes.

Larry Litchfield


The force is not with U.S.

Last week Mr. Trump, to great fanfare, announced he was cutting all funding for NASA’s carbon monitoring system (CMS). This project has been part of the U.S.’s contribution to the Paris Climate Accords (which are supported by over 250 nations except ours, thanks to this president).

CMS tracks the world’s flow of carbon dioxide, the major component of the greenhouse gases that contribute to sea level rise as they raise Earth’s temperatures. Emission levels have accelerated to worrisome levels not seen since dinosaurs existed. The president seems to take inordinate pleasure in destroying plans other nations consider urgently necessary. All the while he promises renewed commitment to NASA’s sending astronauts to Mars.

This news provides an ironic twist to Belfast’s decision to put in place a climate change committee, its first task being to provide information to the city about current and projected sea level rise plus storm and tidal surges.

For many years it’s been said that acting locally can help produce global changes. But how can the actions of local citizens have a real and lasting impact when this president and his minions seem determined to undo all existing protections that might otherwise encourage community activism?

Beverly Roxby