A man accused of robbing a Unity pharmacy and making off with bottles of Oxycodone was indicted by a Waldo County Grand Jury on May 16.

Andrew Sousa was arrested April 18 and charged with robbery, a class B felony, and unlawful possession of scheduled drugs, a class D felony.

The charges date to April 9 when police got a call at about 1:30 p.m. that a lone man had entered Unity Pharmacy dressed in black clothing with only his eyes showing and made off with a bag of pills.

The caller said the man showed the pharmacist a note and left with "a quantity of Oxycodone in numerous prescription bottles" in a paper bag, Sheriff's Detective Merl Reed wrote in an affidavit filed at Waldo County District Court.

The pharmacist, who had gone to school with Sousa, told police the man had blue eyes and that "she believed his eyes looked like Andrew Sousa's blue eyes."

Police reviewed video footage and traced Sousa's getaway car, a red Chevy Aveo, to his parents' home in Brooks. Deputies went to the house and spotted Sousa inside; however, he saw them coming, fled the house and ran across a field toward the woods nearby the residence. Police tried to find him with a tracking dog but lost his scent in the field, Reed wrote.

Police reviewed other surveillance footage and cell phone records and on April 13 released Sousa's name, along with a photo and description.

Sousa was found on April 18, nine days after the robbery, at a campsite in a wooded area in Brooks. Sousa allegedly tried to flee again, but deputies, with help from a tracking dog, chased him down and arrested him.