The town of Searsport will be soon be paying an additional $30 per month in rental fees for the tower used by Fire Department and Emergency Services personnel.

According to Town Manager James Gillway, the owner of the tower has requested a raise. Currently the tower rental fees add up to $1,440 per year, or $120 per month.

"We've been on (the repeater) for 10 years at the same rate. Basically he's been giving us a really good price to cover his tax bill and it's a reduced rate," he said. "There are others on the tower at a higher rate."

With the new $150 per month rate, the yearly total will be $1,880 or $360 more than last year. The owner also requested a 5-percent increase every five years, which Gillway said is, "relatively reasonable."

The selectmen approved the fee increase for the tower rental at the May 15 meeting.

Tipping the scales in the other direction, the trash tipping fee for the town is less than anticipated, Gillway said. Back in January, when the town signed a 15-year deal with Penobscot Energy Recovery Co., the agreed upon fee was $84.36 per ton. The new fee, he said, will be $75 per ton.

The repayment of bonds for town roads also is less than anticipated, Gillway said. Previously the town calculated $129,000 per year in bond payments, but now the figure is less than $100,000 he said.

A reason for the drop, Gillway said, is because "rates are very promising."

In other business, selectmen discussed an ad in the works for an anticipated school resource officer.

Selectman Mark Bradstreet asked, "Is this for a new hire or is someone on our department eligible for this?"

"That's going to be crossing that bridge when we get there," Gillway said, later adding, "One of the officers we've hired came with some experience in that area."

Selectman Dick Desmarais noted the flower pots were ready to be planted if any beautification committee members were listening to the meeting, which was streamed online as well as available for viewing at a later date.

"Nice to see that the grass is growing and the lawn mower started," he said. "What more can you ask for?"

The anniversary committee is planning a live re-enactment of the first Searsport town meeting which took place Feb. 13, 1845, Selectman Chairman Jack Merrithew said. The presentation is scheduled for Feb. 13, 2020.

Desmarais said the benefit supper for Corp. Eugene Cole, who recently was killed in the line of duty, was a huge success.

"A lot of people stepped forward volunteered and got the kitchen cranking and the meals served," he said.

The money raised was "respectable," he said. "It was a good community event which came together for a good reason."