The chilly days of April transitioned quite nicely to the more temperate — although still quite cold — days of May, and the bats among those in Busline League middle school baseball and softball have warmed up as well with competitive diamond affairs from Knox, Waldo and Lincoln counties.

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Information provided below may not reflect all information for both teams.

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The following is a recap of reported results:


Troy Howard 9, Medomak 3

At Waldoboro May 17, the Riverhawks jumped out to an early lead after Jake Bickmore's second home run of the season, but failed to score after the third inning. Troy Howard scored nine unanswered runs throughout the rest of the game to claw their way to victory.

At the plate Medomak was led by Bickmore (home run, 2 RBIs, run) and Ryan Jarvis (double).

For Troy Howard Zepherin Leppanen (double, single), Ronin Deshamps (double, single), Koal Joy (single), Tanner Brewer (single) and Frankie Martin (single) were strong at the plate.

Bickmore, Jarvis and Cole pitched for the Riverhawks.

Jacoby Grotton and Leppanen toed the rubber for the Lions.

Oceanside 7, Camden-Rockport 1

At Camden May 17, the Mariners scored two runs in the first and third innings and three more in the seventh, while collecting five hits and committing one error, in the victory. Camden-Rockport scored its lone run in the second inning, while collecting one hit and committing two errors.

At the plate Aiden O'Connell (single) had the lone hit, while Carlton Richmond (RBI) and Ryan Clifford (run) had key at bats for the hosts.

For Oceanside Connor Calderwood (2 singles, 3 RBIs, 2 runs) led the Mariners, while Hunter Norton (double, 2 runs), Austin Chilles (single, run) and Chase Allenwood (single, run) had fine days at the plate.

Clifford (4 runs on 2 hits, 7 walks, 2 strikeouts in 2-and-one-third innings) and M. Chadwick (3 runs on 3 hits, 2 walks, 5 strikeouts in 4-and-one-third innings) pitched for the Schooners.

Chilles (1 run on 1 hit, 6 strikeouts in 7 innings) went the distance for Oceanside.

Medomak 7th 4, Nobleboro/Jefferson 1

At Nobleboro May 17, the Riverhawks scored a run in the second inning to take the lead, then added three more in the fourth to pull away for good, while collecting five hits and committing one error. Nobleboro/Jefferson scored its lone run in the fourth inning, while collecting four hits and committing two errors.

At the plate Tyler Metcalf (2 hits, 2 RBIs) led the Riverhawks, while Matthew Holbrook (hit) and Jayden Starr (hit, RBI) had strong at bats.

For Nobleboro/Jefferson Maddox Tilas (RBI) drove in the lone run for the hosts.

Hayden Staples (4 strikeouts in four innings) pitched for the Riverhawks. Other pitchers and stats were not available.

Patrick Minor (1 strikeout in 3 innings) and Aiden Gallagher (strikeout in 1 inning) pitched for Nobleboro/Jefferson. Other pitchers and subsequent stats were not available.

Oceanside 3, Searsport 0

At Rockland May 14, Oceanside clicked on all cylinders to sink the Vikings, scoring one run in the first inning and two in the third, while collecting five hits and committing one error. Searsport collected three hits on the day and committed two errors.

At the plate Connor Calderwood (2 singles, 2 runs) led the charge, while Hunter Norton (single, run), Landonn Tabbutt (single, walk, stolen base), Austin Chilles (single) had key at bats for the hosts. The Mariners left 10 runners on base.

Wright (single), Ellis (single), Treat (single) and Walker (2 walks) led the Viking offense. Searsport left seven runners stranded on base throughout the contest.

On the mound Calderwood (no runs on 2 hits, 3 walks, 7 strikeouts in 5-and-two-thirds innings) and Chilles (no runs on 1 hit, 3 strikeouts in 1-and-one-third innings) pitched for Oceanside.

For Searsport Ellis (3 runs on 2 hits, 4 walks, 3 strikeouts in 3 innings) and Wright (no runs on 3 hits, 8 strikeouts in 3 innings) worked the mound.

Medomak 17, Searsport 13

At Searsport May 10, Medomak out-slugged Searsport with both teams combining for 22 hits and 27 walks.

Medomak's Jake Bickmore launched his first home run, to go along with a single and a double, while Noah Ludwig (3 singles), Trystan Francis (single, double), Brady Carter (single, double), Ryan Jarvis (single, double), Gavin Anderson (single), Jethro Pease (single) and Zim Cunningham (single).

For Searsport J. Wright (2 singles), A. Ashy (double), G. Ellis (single), C. Ellis (single), Brassbridge (single) and K. Lavashee (single) led the Vikings at the plate.

Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville 9, Oceanside 3

At Lincolnville May 8, HAL exploded for a nine-run fifth inning and surged past the Mariners. Oceanside scored one in the fourth and two in the fifth.

Among the top offensive standouts for the Lynx were Asa Burgess (2 hits), while Hunter Norton (2 hits, RBI) and Connor Calderwood (2 hits, 2 RBIs) paced the Mariners.

Joseph Coffey and Matt Kremin each pitched for HAL, while Austin Chilles went four innings on the hill for Oceanside.

Medomak 7th 17, Troy Howard 4

At Belfast May 8, the Riverhawks went on the offensive and bested the Lions. Medomak scored four in the second, six in the third, two in the fourth, one in the fifth and four in the seventh, while Troy Howard scored one in the fourth and three in the fifth.

Leading the Riverhawks at the plate were Hayden Staples (2 hits, 2 runs, RBI), Wyatt Simmons (hit, RBI, 2 runs), Blake Morrison (3 hits, 4 RBIs, 2 runs), Isaac Simmons (run), Tucker Holgerson (2 hits, 2 RBIs) and Rowan Ware (hit, run, 2 RBIs).

Troy Howard 8, Oceanside 4

At Belfast May 7, the Lions opened their lead up late in the game and held off the visiting Mariners. Troy Howard scored one in the first, two in the third and five in the sixth, while Oceanside scored one in the sixth and three in the seventh.

Leading the Mariners at the dish were Ben Witham (RBI), Hunter Norton (2 hits, RBI, run), Connor Calderwood (RBI), Josh Smalley (run), Collin Landry (run) and Tyler Ingerson (run).

For Troy Howard, Jonah Lovejoy (2 hits, 2 runs), Zepherin Leppanen (2 hits, 3 runs, RBI), Jacoby Grotton (2 hits, 3 RBIs), Keegan McGowan (hit, RBI), Ronin Deschamps (hit, run), Koal Joy (run) and Elias Howard (run) paced the offense.

Duncan Oakes-Nelsen and Carroll pitched for Oceanside, allowing eight hits and four walks, with seven strikeouts. Grotton, Lovejoy and Deschamps pitched for Troy Howard, allowing two hits and 10 walks, with seven strikeouts.

Medomak 8th 13, Oceanside 2

At Rockland May 5, the Riverhawks plated at least one run in each inning and bested the host Mariners. Medomak scored once in the first, second and fourth innings, four more in the third and six more in the fifth.

Leading Medomak at the plate was Brady Carter (hit, run, RBI), Garret Hutchins (hit, 2 runs), Jake Bickmore (2 hits, 2 runs, 2 RBIs), Cole Wallace (run), Colby Brown (run), Noah Ludwig (run), Trystan Frances (hit, RBI, 2 runs), Aiden Sawyer (run), Jordan Luce-Warren (run) and Dylan Thorton (hit, run).

For Oceanside, Hunter Norton (hit, run), Connor Calderwood (run, RBI) and Carroll (RBI) paced the offense.

Bickmore and Wallace pitched for the visitors, allowing one hit and seven walks, with 11 strikeouts. Calderwood, Brady Marchessault, Smalley and Norton pitched for the hosts, allowing six hits and six walks, with nine strikeouts.

Oceanside 8th 5, Medomak 2

At Rockland May 5, the Mariners salvaged a split on the day with the Riverhawks. Oceanside scored four in the third and one in the fourth, while Medomak scored one in the first and fourth frames.

Leading Oceanside at the plate was Austin Chilles (run), Norton (hit, run), Calderwood (2 hits, run, RBI), Carroll (run), Marchessault (hit, run) and Oakes-Nelsen (hit, 2 RBIs).

For Medomak, Carter (hit, run), Bickmore (hit, run), Frances (hit, RBI), Ryan Jarvis (hit) and Zim Cunningham (hit) paced the offense.

Chilles and Calderwood toed the rubber for Oceanside, allowing five hits and no walks, with 10 strikeouts. Carter and Brown pitched for Medomak, allowing five hits and eight walks, with nine strikeouts.

Medomak 8th 5, Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville 1

At Lincolnville May 2, the Riverhawks defeated the Lynx.

Garrett Hutchins pitched for Medomak, allowing one hit and two walks, with three strikeouts over 6 2/3 innings.

Leading the Medomak offense was Hutchins (2 singles), Brown (2 doubles), Ryan Jarvis (single), Noah Ludwig (single) and Jethro Pease (single).

For the Lynx, Kremin and Aaron Stone each rapped hits.

Troy Howard 8th 2, Medomak 1

At Belfast April 30, the Lions doubled up the ‘Hawks.

Jake Bickmore pitched for Medomak as he walked two and struck out eight in the tough-luck loss.

Leading Medomak at the plate was Garrett Hutchins (2 singles), Brady Carter (single, run), Bickmore (single) and Aiden Sawyer (single).

Lovejoy had two hits for Troy Howard, while Deschamps and Frankie Martin each had one hit.


Medomak 7th 14, Nobleboro/Jefferson 4

At Nobleboro May 17, the Riverhawks slugged out 13 runs in the first inning and adding their final run in the seventh. Nobleboro/Jefferson scored one run in the first inning, one in the second and two more in the sixth.

At the plate Quinn Overlock (single, 2 runs), Madi Simmons (single, 2 runs), Skylah Ward (single, 2 runs), Kylea Stone (2 runs), Addison McCormick (2 runs), Mandi Karl (2 runs), Katelynn Berry (run) and Maddison Greenrose (run) led Medomak to victory.

C. Wadford (run), E. Spear (run), P. Kaler (run) and P. Lafrenere (run) had strong days at the plate for the hosts.

Addison McCormick (9 strikeouts in 7 innings) was strong on the mound for the Riverhawks. Skylah Ward also made fourr plays in the field.

N. Kaler and P. Kaler pitched for Nobleboro/Jefferson.

Medomak 8th 14, St. George 2

At Waldoboro May 8, the Riverhawks swung past the Dragons.

Alyssa Creamer pitched for Medomak as she walked six and struck out six. Anna Kingsbury walked five and struck out six in the pitching circle for St. George.

Leading the Riverhawks at the plate were Alyssa Creamer (single), Anna Wagner (single), Rachel Gross (single), Ellis Ashmore (single), Ruth Havener (2 singles), Lucy Jameson (single, double, home run) and Taylor Podrasky (triple).

A Kingsbury had two singles, while Allison Gill had one base hit for St. George.

Medomak 7th 15, Troy Howard 7

At Belfast May 8, the Riverhawks emerged victorious over the Lions. Medomak scored three in the first, two in the third, four in the fourth and six in the fifth, while Troy Howard scored three in the first and four in the third.

Madi Simmons pitched for Medomak, while Withee and Staples pitched for Troy Howard.

Medomak coach Dani Hunt said “MMS played a strong defensive game with a diving catch made by Katelynn Berry in left field and many plays made by infielders Addison McCormick, Madi Simmons and Skylah Ward.”

Medomak 8th 28, Oceanside 3

At Thomaston May 5, the Riverhawks plated a boatload of runs and surged past the Mariners.

Leading the visitors at the plate were Autumn Ripley (2 singles), Alyssa Creamer (single), Lucy Jameson (single), Grace White (single), Ruth Havener (single), Julia Kunesh (3 singles), Ellie Ashmore (single), Cameron Baines (single) and Taylor Podraski (single).

Elli Ashmore was the winning pitcher for Medomak.

Medomak 12, Oceanside 5

At Thomaston May 5, the Riverhawks made it a doubleheader sweep over the Mariners.

Leading the ‘Hawks at the dish were Alyssa Creamer (3 singles, double), Grace White (2 doubles), Autumn Ripley (double), Cameron Baines (single, double), Lucy Jameson (single), Ruth Havener (2 singles), Taylor Podraski (single), Anna Wagner (2 singles) and Brianna Feyler (single).

Creamer earned the win in the pitching circle for Medomak.

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