A Brooks man had three unrelated run-ins with two branches of law enforcement in one week.

The string of incidents started May 17 when 28-year-old Aaron Miller allegedly drove his car off the road on Route 1 in Northport. He crashed into a rock wall, continued through a dooryard and hit a parked car, then fled the scene.

The owner of the house and car recognized Miller as a former classmate and called police, who found Miller the next day and charged him with leaving the scene of a property damage accident and attaching false plates.

Waldo County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jason Trundy said there was evidence of the crash on Miller’s car but the cause of the crash itself remains unknown.

“He’s denying it," Trundy said. "And there’s nothing there to indicate why he crashed. It’s anybody’s guess.”

Four days after the unreported crash, Miller was arrested by Belfast Police after allegedly stealing a television from a residence on Miller Street. The owner of the residence knew Miller but told Belfast police he did not have permission to be there or leave with the TV. Miller was charged with burglary, theft and violating conditions of release.

On May 25, Miller was pulled over and ticketed by Belfast police for allegedly driving 43 mph on a 30 mph stretch of Marsh Road in Belfast.