United Farmers’ Market on Spring Street was abuzz with the music of local favorites the Oshima Brothers last weekend, as more than 100 people danced the night away and raised funds for the tuition assistance program at Cornerspring Montessori School.

With lead gifts from Belfast Dental Care, GO Logic, Little River Veterinary Hospital, Front Street Shipyard and Total Property Care, the event raised approximately $12,000 after event expenses.

Cornerspring Fundraising Committee member and nurse practitioner Lindsey Piper spoke at the event on behalf of her wife, Alison, who purchased Belfast Dental Care in 2014 and was out of state, unable to attend the event.

“We believe, deeply and sincerely, that our children are better off for the experience they are having [at Cornerspring]. So we ask ourselves — is there any more we can do to help make Cornerspring more accessible?”

Piper spoke about the sacrifices that their family makes to afford private school tuition and the realization that, for many families, it is a goal that is simply out of reach.

Cornerspring’s Head of School, Sue Beemer, has been on the job since 2015, and one of her primary goals has been increasing the tuition assistance budget, to make a Montessori education accessible for all interested families.

“We’re so grateful to the community for showing their support for this event,” Beemer said. “We want nothing more than to be able to enroll every applicant, and every gift to tuition assistance gets us one step closer to that goal.”

Gifts to Cornerspring’s tuition assistance fund can be made all year long, and support tuition grants to local families. Secure, tax-deductible donations can be made online at cornerspringmontessori.com or by calling the school office at 338-5800.

About Cornerspring Montessori School

Established in 2001, Cornerspring Montessori School is an inclusive community dedicated to providing an environment for individualized education in which the partnership of child, parent and teacher nurtures lifelong learning skills and a deep sense of compassion and social responsibility.