Maine’s first Poet Laureate, Kate Barnes, spent the last 30 years of her life in Appleton. She died in 2013 and was buried in the family graveyard at Chimney Farm in Nobleboro. Five years later, her grave has a proper headstone.

The headstone came about through the efforts of Gary Lawless and Beth Leonard of Gulf of Maine Books in Brunswick, who live at Chimney Farm — where Barnes spent childhood summers with her literary parents, Henry Beston and Elizabeth Coatsworth.

Barnes’ stone was cut by master stonecutter Douglas Coffin of Coffin & Daughter Lettercutters in Belfast; his daughter and business partner Sigrid Coffin carved the image of a spirited horse on the stone, taken from one of Barnes’ drawings.

Douglas Coffin, who also made writer E.B. White’s and composer Randall Thompson’s memorials, also designed Elizabeth Coatsworth's stone, which was carved by Sigrid Coffin. For more information, visit the Belfast business’ website,