Music, laughter and a few tears were all part of the Searsport District graduation ceremony June 7, when 49 seniors said goodbye to teachers and friends and prepared to embark on their next journey.

Searsport District Principal Marianne DeRaps told seniors to "take the time and enjoy life.”

"Don't rush it; this is your time," she said. "Never change who you are for anyone. You cannot be something you are not. You cannot live your life for others. Live it for you.

"Define your path … Set the world straight and don't forget where you come from — don't forget your roots."

Friends forever, but saying good-bye for now, was a recurring theme throughout the evening, as was evident in the James Taylor song "Fire and Rain," sung by Alexis Loring. "This is for everybody that misses somebody," she said.

Daniel McKeon, a summa cum laude honor student, thanked everyone who had made it possible for the graduates to be there, including teachers, coaches, mentors, guidance counselors and parents.

Another musical interlude was performed by the Viking Chorus, which sang  "Rivers & Roads" by the band The Head and the Heart. Lyrics spoke of friends moving away.

Lauren Burkard, a summa cum laude honor student, played flute on the David Cook song, "The Time of My Life," while Alexis Loring accompanied her on guitar.

Burkard said, "Though we are all going our separate ways for now, I know that we will all see each other again someday."

She cautioned juniors in the audience to "enjoy their senior year because, in the blink of an eye, the year will be gone and they will be sitting up here where we are now."

Burkard went on to say how, until this year, she had no idea what she wanted to do after high school. She credited her music teacher, who saw a potential she never knew she had, with helping her decide on a career in music.

The Viking Chorus sang one last song, "Lost in My Mind," also by The Head and the Heart, and then diplomas were presented to graduates.

The 2018 Class of Searsport District High School:

Brooklynn E. Alberts, Madison Chase Anglin, Charissa Elizabeth Astbury, Devon M. Bean, Austin J. Bradley, Lauren Jennie Burkard, Holden Campbell Clapp, Noah Norman Clark, Riley Russell Colby, Makala May Coyne, Cole Joseph DuBois, David Estes, Christopher Brandon Evans, Devin Allen Fairbrother, Michael A. Freeman, Mathew C. Ginn, Alexander M. Grant, Jade Lynne Hanson, Kahlan Marie Jerome, Colby Ethan Forest Johnson, Malcolm Jones, Connor Joseph Kneeland, Rielly Marie Krumbholz, Vincent L. F. Larrabee, Alexis Jordan Loring, Issiah J. Lucas-Clark, Liam Scott MacMillan, Daniel J. McKeon, Harold Gordon Merithew, Hannah Jean Nadeau, Daniel M. Nahme, Mariah Christina O'Brien, Fiona K. Ordelt, Kaylee Rose Pena, Zoe Alice Perkins, Brad J. Pinkerton, Christian Prucha, Eran Ranae Raines, Shane Reynolds, Makala Riley, Kean M. Ripley IV, David Joseph Stamper, Cyrus J. Staples, Arianna Helen Stemp, Devyn J. Talgo, Audrey R. Walker, Makenna Woodward, Kyle Jared York and Sydney Young.