After years of Mother's Day running events, fathers finally got their moment in the Midcoast road race spotlight on Sunday morning, June 10.

The first "Run With Dad" 5-kilometer road race/walk was held on the city's South End streets.

The event was sponsored by First National Bank and benefited the non-profit One Community Many Voices. There were prizes for best dad costume, fastest pushing a stroller/buggy and middle-of-the-pack runner.

A small, but hardy, group showed up for the event, which started with pre-race exercises with Hunter Grindle.

Watch video, and see more photos, below.

Darren Winchenbach, longtime Midcoast road race enthusiast, and often winner, finished first among the 33 entrants. Winchenbach crossed the 3.1-mile course in 20 minutes and 10 seconds.

Mike Cummons finished second in 22;17, while Serena Blasius, a standout runner at Medomak Valley High School, was the first female finisher in 23:06, as she edged Elizabeth Cummons, who crossed the line in 23;15. Blasius and Elizabeth Cummons finished third and fourth.

There were several fathers and sons, of varying ages, and a few fathers and daughters, including the Cummonses of Lincolnville, near the top of the pack.

The event took place one week before Father's Day.

One Community Many Voices, OCMV, is a 501c(3) charitable organization, located in Rockland. Using a model called: the Art of Good Fellowship – Paying it Forward One Neighbor at a Time – OCMV provides gap funding when no other resources are available to help neighbors in need resolve a hardship related to employment/skill building, youth aspirations, elderly independent living or well-being.

The individual 5K results, with place, name and time listed, were: 1, Darren Winchenbach, 20:10.2; 2, Mike Cummons, 22:17.8; 3, Serena Blasius, 23:06.2; 4, Elizabeth Cummons, 23:15.5; 5, Lucas McNelly, 23:35.6; 6, Hunter Grindle, 25:08; 7, Joanna Schwab, 26:46.9; 8, Nate Lee, 27:14.1; 9, Jon Lee, 27:14.5; 10, Phoebe Carlson, 28:39.5; 11, Reade Brower, 28:40.6; 12, Kelly Kavanaugh, 29:06.0; 13, Gabe Gilchrest, 29.07.6; 14, Kasey Leidenroth, 29:10.5; 15, Jeff Eaton, 29:11.6; 16, Randy Joubert, 29:24.2; 17, Conor Glasier, 29:24.6; 18, Karl Rasche, 32:39.3; 19, Jalene Blackman, 33:01.3; 20, Jeremy Blackman, 33:01.9; 21, Josh Blackman, 33:02.4; 22, Amanda Staples, 35:22.0; 23, Luke Keller, 35:57.2; 24, Will Lee, 35:58.5; 25, Alicia Costa, 36:32.9; 26, Craig Stewart, 36:45.2; 27, Brysen Gilchrest, 37:32.2; 28, Terry Nelsen, 38:41.5; 29, Jim Walter, 39:24.0; 30, LeAnn Lee, 39:24.8; 31, Ellen Spring, 40:25.6; 32, Paul McFarland, 41:56.0; 33, Craig Biehl, 41:56.7; and 34, Jillian Eaton, 41:57.2.

Two runners showed support for the race in a tangible, and somewhat virtual, way. Lucas Brower finished his 3.1-mile run in 19:50 and Isaac Brower in 19:36. The Browers, who grew up in Camden, live in Cambridge, Mass. (Lucas) and New York City (Isaac) and our the sons of Reade Brower.