The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between June 1 and June 7.


Congress Street Hill Property LLC to Michael Hurley.

Robert K. Wry, Nancy J. Falvey and Timothy W. Wry to Timothy W. Wry.

Herman J. Dyer to Mary P. Bogan and Douglas M. Bell.

Annie Doherty to Ann Kennedy.

Thomas Frederick Duplessie Estate and Thomas F. Duplessie Estate to Courtney Burns.

Gregory G. Berry and Melanie T. Berry to Kristen H. Van De Geer and Jonathan R. Clough.

Kyle E. Payson, Erin D. Payson and Erin Dutch Payson to Michele McCuiston.

Linda L. Smith to Kyle E. Payson and Erin D. Payson.

Kyle E. Payson and Erin D. Payson to Ernest C. Young and Tina L. Young.

Clinton L. Duval and Lynn A. Duval to Nathaniel Baer and Karen E. Smith.


Stephen J. Libby and Anne I. Libby to Roland H. Hughes and Verna L. Hughes.

Johanne L. Fernald and Howard L. Fernald to Scott A. Truax.


Judith A. Staples Living Trust to Rebecca L. Bennett and David J. Woods.


Duncan F. Widdoes to Jessica M. Wills and David R. Wills Jr.


Frank West to Frank West.

Frank West to Frank West.

John W. Kelley to Anne Christine Allen Revocable Trust.

John H. King Revocable Trust to Elizabeth D. King.

Elizabeth D. King to Abigail King Diggins.


Sarah Good Estate to Michael Darigan.

John Zeilor to Susan J. Szabronski and Gustave J. Szabronski.

JL Robbins Trust to Brenda L. Scherer and Eric S. Scherer.

David W. St. Clair to Philip Wick.


Darcie P. Lamont to Walter M. Lamont Jr.

Mark A. Biscone to Mark A. Biscone and Barbara M. Biscone.


Andrea C. Brower to Andrew D. Webster and Gina M. Philbrick.

Robert Lindholm to Kristin Weed and Anthony Weed.


David W. St. Clair to Carrie Peavey.


Maine State Housing Authority and Richard L. Donald Estate to Dennis R. Keller and Miriam A. Keller.

Jake Voisine to Sherry T. Voisine.

Elisha C. Fowlie to Amanda J. Worth, Gary S. Leeman and Sharon Leeman.


Paula Beckett, Terry D. Hall and Paula L. Hall to Steve S. Rodrigue.

Jerrold C. Wood and Diantha G. Wood to Lisanne C. Tholl.


Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Elizabeth C. Palmer and Stephen S. Palmer.

Stockton Springs

James R. Contant and Gail M. Contant to Brent Holiday.

Lee M. Sanborn and Marion J. Sanborn to Suzanne J. Guion and Gregg K. Perry.


Wells Fargo Bank NA to Allana Irene Hutchins and Evan James Hutchins.

Richard E. MacIntyre and Young Hee O. MacIntyre to Melissa Joe Samuels.


Erin L. Bibles and Brent D. Bibles to Michelle N. Boyle and Christopher S. Boyle.


Ralph Russell to Nathan S. Russell.


Charlotte A. White to Stuart B. White and Travis B. White.

Charlotte A. White to Stuart B. White and Travis B. White.

Thomas J. Zackary to David Martin.

Wayne C. Quimby and Sharon M. Quimby to Benjamin C. Quimby.

Callicutt Family Living Trust to Cynthia C. Callicutt.