The Mount View High School gymnasium was overflowing with proud parents and family June 10, as 110 seniors accepted their diplomas and bid farewell to classmates and teachers.

Regional School Unit 3 Board Chairman Myrick Cross encouraged graduates to "focus on respect for each and every human.

"I am proud of you and your parents are super proud of you today. I wish you the very best," he said.

Superintendent Paul Austin told seniors, "Don't be afraid to make mistakes. We all have faith in you.

"I hope you never lose the sense of who you are and where you come from," Austin said. "Enjoy for one last time your high school experience and hold onto the memories of your youth, your family and your friends forever."

Valedictorian Kristen Raven told fellow graduates, "Don't freeze, don't stop or think it's not good enough. Make your mistakes. We should welcome those mistakes, to do something that is scary.

"We're about to start the rest of our lives."

Salutatorian Alexis Bowman reflected on her Mount View experience and community.

"I remember my first day attending seventh grade. I will never forget how welcoming and humble the students, staff and administration, and community members were," she said.

"Whether it would be helping someone in a snowstorm or holding a benefit for a neighbor in need, you can bet the Mount View community will be there to help," Bowman said.

Diplomas were presented by superintendent Paul Austin, Principal Zackary Freeman, Assistant Principal Thomas Lynch and Cross to the Mount View class of 2018:

Jack Alley, Haley Allmendinger, Michael Aspinall, Caylee Bailey, Zachary Barboza, Jason Barnard, Katelin Bennett, Evan Black, Nicholas Blanchard, Rayno Boivin, Alexis Bowman, David Bradstreet, David Branch, Kyra Branch, Elise Brown, Jordan Brown, Rosalina Brown, Garrett Butler, Christopher Caldwell and Miranda Carpentier.

Also, Alexandria Cheviot, Haley Clements, Hannah Clifford, Gavin Cole, Andrea Crosby, Carsen Cross, Natasha Curit, Erin Curtis, Brandon Davidson, Francesca Davies, Luke Davis, Christopher Dodge, Connor Dodge, Raymond Dourant, Alyssa Dow, Sarah Dyer, Michael Embry, Marcus Fletcher, Jillian Fraser, Allen Gagnon, Eliza Geaghan, Gage Gilley, Tyson Glidden, Gryphon Golembesky, Cassidy Grierson and Thomas Haddad.

Also, Ashlee Hamel, Myah Hatfield, Andrew Heath, Danielle Humphrey, Betsy Hunt, Alex Ingerson, Kayla Johnson, Mackenzie Jones, Mathew Keating, Jeremiah King, Autumn Ladd, Destiny Ladd, Joshua Larrabee, Jonathan Lawrence, Kayla Lewis, Aryn Littlefield, Peter Logiodice, Jacob Lunt, Hailee Macomber, Tyler McKinney, Paula Miller, Garrett Mulligan, Lily Nickerson, Kristina Norwood, Lillian O'Brien, Noah Oathout, Christina Ortiz, William Overlock, Kassandra Packard, Destiny Parlin, Ian Philbrick-Miller and Tobin Pontillo.

Also, Hart Putnam, Kevin Randall, Kristen Raven, Adam Reed, Hennessey Richardson, Colby Robbins, Peter Roberts, Jacob Rose, Jordan Roux, Vivian Ryder, Brendan Savoy, Justice Savoy, Mackenzie Schofield, Christopher Shaw, Isaiah Silva, Shane Small, Kaleb Smith, Branden Spencer, Haley Spencer, Craig Stauffer, Darren Stauffer, Reilly Sullivan, Jazmin Tomlin, Maxwell Tomlin, Marcus Vaillancourt, Anthony Visconti, Tiffany Webber, Destiny Winslow, Mariah Wren, Monica Wren, Mark Wright and Skyelora Wright.