Like most things, it all began with a conversation.

And this one was largely about youth baseball in Waldo County, and the broader reaches of the Midcoast.

The conversations consisted mostly of, how will the children who are too old for Babe Ruth (13-15-year-olds), but too young for American Legion’s senior league (16-19-year-olds), get on the diamonds this summer?

Enter American Legion’s junior league baseball division, which now will have a squad comprised largely of Waldo County players — and a few Knox County players — spanning ages 13-17.

The team, called MidCoast, will complete in Zone 1 of the Junior League Division, which includes Messalonskee of Oakland, Quirk Motor City of Old Town, Hartt Transportation Riverjacks and Hartt Transportation Longhaulers, each of Hampden/Hermon, Skowhegan Tax Pro, Acadians Post #207 of Ellsworth, Fairfield Post #14, Rowell’s Navigators of Dover-Foxcroft, Machias Post #9 and the Bangor Cadets.

Scott Cournoyer, who previously presided as president of the Midcoast Cal Ripken Baseball League for three years, grabbed the bull by the horn, so to speak, as “there was a lot of conversation among the parents of my son’s group of kids that are all coming up through.”

“Everyone kept talking about it,” said Cournoyer, who will manage the MidCoast team. “And I got to the point where I just said, “I’m sick of talking about it, I’m going to do something about it.’ So in about a one-week time frame, I made about 30 phone calls and connected the dots with everybody.”

Cournoyer had several parents volunteer services in various capacities, “got the funds together and the players together,” and shortly thereafter, practices began and the team was up and running.

“We’ve got two [players] from Mount View, one from Searsport, five from Camden [Hills] and the rest are Belfast kids,” he said, adding the team will play “18 regular-season games if the weather cooperates.”

Of the 11 teams in Zone 1, 10 will qualify for the playoffs, which will include the bottom four playoff teams participating in prelim playoff games, with the quarterfinal games to be played at Colby College in Waterville.

The four teams that advance to the semifinals will advance to the state tournament, to be played at Mansfield Stadium in Bangor.

Cournoyer said the plan is to begin with Junior League this year “so we can get a foundation and then we’re going to expand,” but not at the detriment of the Midcoast Babe Ruth League.

Several players that are on the Midcoast team also take part in MBRL.

“We have some of the Babe Ruth kids, but we’d rather not [take them if we can help it],” said Cournoyer, who is also a coach on the Waldo County-based Penobscot Bay Dentistry team in the MBRL. “We don’t want to cannibalize Babe Ruth to make this team happen, but if they’re able and committed to do both where we don’t have any schedule conflicts, then it would make sense.”

Team members for Midcoast include Brandon Cournoyer, Cody Reynolds, Jason Bartlett, Eamon Goscinski, Quincy Mosher, Jon Duso, Luke Hamlin, Aiden Schecter, Sam Moody, Dakota Payson, Sam Davis, Theo Dodge, Patick McConnell, Liam McConnell, Neil Kenney, True Crane, Sam Conlan and Jason Greenleaf. The team is managed by Scott Cournoyer and coached by Chris Lavalle, Tim Moody, Penson Bartlett and Kurt Payson.

The team's home games are played at Belfast Area High School.

North Division standings for Zone 1 as of June 18 were: Midcoast 3-1, Messalonskee 2-0, Quirk Motor City 2-0, Hartt Transportation Riverjacks 1-0, Skowhegan Tax Pro 1-0, Acadians Post #207 1-2, Fairfield Post #14, Hartt Transportation Longhaulers 0-2, Rowell’s Navigators 0-2, Machias Post #9 0-1 and Bangor Cadets 0-0.

The following is a breakdown of reported results:

Midcoast 11, Acadians 1 (6 inns.)

At Ellsworth June 17, Midcoast went on the offensive and secured a win by mercy rule. Midcoast scored two in the first, two in the third, three in the fifth and four in the sixth, while the Acadians scored one in the first.

Leading Midcoast at the plate were Duso (2 singles, 3 runs), Crane (double, run), Schecter (run), Reynolds (run), Bartlett (single), Payson (3 singles, run), Greenleaf (double, run), Kenney (triple), Moody (single), Conlan (run) and Cournoyer (2 singles, 2 runs).

Cournoyer and Crane toed the rubber for Midcoast, allowing seven hits and no walks, with 10 strikeouts.

Information on the Acadians was unavailable.

Midcoast 11, Acadians 4

At Ellsworth June 17, Midcoast continued its day-long hit parade and swung to their second win of the afternoon. Midcoast scored one in the first, six in the second, two in the fourth, one in the sixth and one in the seventh, while the Acadians scored one in the second, two in the fifth and one in the seventh.

Leading Midcoast at the plate were Crane (single, 2 runs), Schecter (2 runs), Bartlett (single), Payson (double, 3 singles, run), Kenney (double, 2 singles), Dodge (run), Goscinski (single, run) and Cournoyer (2 triples, 3 runs).

Bartlett and Payson pitched for Midcoast, allowing 11 hits and one walk, with two strikeouts.

Information on the Acadians were unavailable.

Messalonskee 9, Midcoast 3

At Belfast June 15, the visitors tripled up the hosts and prevailed by six runs. Messalonskee scored one in the second, three in the third, one in the fourth and four in the sixth, while Midcoast scored three in the sixth.

Leading Midcoast at the dish were Crane (single), Hamlin (2 singles, run), Kenney (double), Payson (single), McConnell (single), Davis (single), Goscinski (single, run) and Reynolds (run).

Crane, Payson and Hamlin each pitched for the hosts, scattering 17 hits and one walk, with 10 strikeouts.

Information on Messalonskee was unavailable.

Midcoast 11, The Capitals 1

At Belfast June 9, Midcoast secured their first win of the year in lopsided fashion over Capitol Area. Midcoast scored two in the first, four in the second and third and one in the seventh.

Leading Midcoast at the plate were Cournoyer (double, run), Schecter (3 singles, 2 runs), Hamlin (2 singles, 3 runs), Greenleaf (single, run), Payson (double, 3 singles, run), Crane (single), Davis (single, run), Conlan (single, run), Moody (3 singles, run) and Duso (single).

Crane went the distance on the hill for Midcoast.

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