While no athletic competitions are won on paper, it appears, after a quick glance at the list of entries for the fifth annual Seacoast Security Classic that the field is somewhat wide open and the last person standing could be one of a bundle of talented Midcoast golfers.

The two-day, 36-hole, stroke-play amateur golf event will be contested on Saturday and Sunday, June 23-24 at two area courses. The first day's play will be at the Goose River Golf Course in Rockport, while the second day will be at the Rockland Golf Course.

Chip Allen, the defending overall champion, will be back in the field, which includes 44 participants, including a bundle of senior golfers. Others who have won or challenged for the overall title also are in the field.

There will be A and B Flights, gross and net, depending on handicaps, along with two flights for seniors, gross and net, who will play the forward set of tees at the courses.

In fact, half the event's participants are ages 62 and older.

Golfers come from many courses, including Goose River, Rockland, Samoset Resort in Rockport, West Appleton and even The Meadow at Peabody. The participants' handicaps range from 1.7 to 25.1, which shows the range, skill and experience of the field.

The tournament's main sponsor is Seacoast Security and media sponsor is Courier Publications/VillageSoup.

Although played on Knox County courses, the event is open to all golfers, regardless of which course they play or from what area they reside.

A post-tourney awards ceremony and banquet again will be at the Sandbagger's Cafe in the RGC clubhouse on Sunday afternoon after the tourney.

A list of golfers, with their handicap and home course listed, includes: Charlie LeRoyer, 12.3, Goose River; James Anderson, 1.7, Rockland; Mike Weatherwax, 22.1, Goose River; Mark Haskell, 24.4, Goose River; Tom Rowe, 20.7, Goose River; Stephen Craven, 14, The Meadow at Peabody; Dan Ford, 18, West Appleton; Armand Lesmerises, 16.9, Goose River; Paul Spizzuoco, 6.2, Rockland; Sheldon Bryant, 14.8, no course given; Mike Bonzagni, 13.5, Rockland; Ed Bisson, 23.6, Bath; Jon Wickenden, 18.4, Goose River; Kerin Resch, 18, Goose River; Paul Neagle, 26, Rockland; Matt Migliore, 18, Rockland; Craig Stevens, 18, Goose River; Warren Marshall, 21.5, Rockland; Peter A. Smith, 20.4, Goose River; Roger Wickenden, 16.8, Goose River; David Maxwell, 24.5, Rockland; Paul Lombardo Sr., 20, Rockland; Sandy Ellsworth, 14.3, Goose River; Craig Lord, 10.8, Rockland; Peter Lynch, 7.1, Goose River; Dean Sasek, 18.7, Rockland; Shane Grindle, 13.4, Goose River; Mark Anderson, 19, Rockland; Jon Crysler, 18.9, Goose River; Adam Wilcox, 7, Goose River; Kris Welt, 11.4, Goose River; Paul Quijano, 24.9, Goose River; Tom Quantrell, 18, Rockland; Charles "Chum" Berry, 10.1, Goose River; Andy Arey, 16, Rockland; Jamie Boutin, 7, Samoset; Greg Jones, 15, no course given; Mark Manzi, 14.6, Rockland; Henry Garretson, 25.1, Goose River; Paul Schelble, 5.2, West Appleton; David Olivas, 19, Samoset; Chip Allen, 2.6, Rockland; Dan Benson, 23.6, Goose River; and William Greet, 10, Goose River.

The flight breakdowns include:

A Flight — James Anderson, Peter Lynch, Adam Wilcox, Paul Schelble, Craig Lord, Paul Spizzuoco, Jamie Boutin, Chip Allen, William Greet and Kris Welt.

B Flight — Steven Craven, Sandy Ellsworth, Sheldon Bryant, Mike Bonzagni, Jon Wickenden, Roger Wickenden, Kerin Resch, Warren Marshall, Paul Lombardo, Mark Anderson, Andy Arey, Greg Jones, Mark Manzi, David Olivas, Paul Neagle, Dan Ford, Matt Migliore and Paul Quijano.

Senior A Flight — Charlie LeRoyer, Charles "Chum" Berry, Tom Quantrell, Shane Grindle, Armand Lesmerises, Craig Stevens, Dean Sasek and John Crysler.

Senior B Flight — Dan Benson, Henry Garretson, David Maxwell, Peter Smith, Ed Bisson, Mark Haskell, Tom Rowe and Mike Weatherwax.

Day 1 tee times/pairings — Goose River Golf Club

7 a.m. — Paul Spuzzuoco, Chip Allen and Adam Wilcox.

7:10 a.m. — James Anderson, Peter Lynch and Jamie Boutin.

7:20 a.m. — Craig Lord, Paul Schelble and Kris Welt.

7:30 a.m. — Steven Craven, Sandy Ellsworth, Mike Bonzagni and William Greet.

7:40 a.m. — Mark Manzi, Roger Wickenden, Kerin Resch and Andy Arey.

7:50 a.m. — Warren Marshall, Paul Lombardo, Matt Migliore and Greg Jones.

8 a.m. — Mark Anderson, Jon Wickenden, Dan Ford and Sheldon Bryant.

8:10 a.m. — Charlie LeRoyer, Shane Grindle, Tom Quantrell and Dean Sasek.

8:20 a.m. — Charles "Chum" Berry, Armand Lesmerises, Craig Stevens and Peter Smith.

8:30 a.m. — Ed Bisson, Tom Rowe, John Crysler and Mark Haskell.

8:40 a.m. — Mike Weatherwax, David Maxwell, Dan Benson and Henry Garretson.

8:50 a.m. — Paul Neagle, David Olivas and Paul Quijano.

Day 2 tee times/pairings — Rockland Golf Club

7 a.m. — Mark Haskell, Henry Garretson and Paul Neagle.

7:10 a.m. — Mike Weatherwax, John Crysler, David Maxwell and Dan Benson.

7:20 a.m. — Ed Bisson,  Paul Quijano, Peter Smith and Tom Rowe.

7:30 a.m. — Charlies "Chum" Berry, Armand Lesmerises, Craig Stevens and Dean Sasek.

7:40 a.m. — Charlie LeRoyer, Shane Grindle, Tom Quantrell and David Olivas.

7:50 a.m. — Mark Anderson, Jon Wickenden, Dan Ford and Sheldon Bryant.

8:00 a.m. — Warren Marshall, Paul Lombardo, Matt Migliore and Greg Jones.

8:10 a.m. — Mark Manzi, Roger Wickenden, Kerin Resch and Andy Arey.

8:20 a.m. — Steven Craven, Sandy Ellsworth, Mike Bonzagni and William Greet.

8:30 a.m. — Craig Lord, Paul Schelble and Kris Welt.

8:40 a.m. — James Anderson, Peter Lynch and Jamie Boutin.

8:50 a.m. — Paul Spizzuoco, Chip Allen and Adam Wilcox.

History lesson

In golf, every stroke counts. Every drive, iron shot, chip and putt. Because, in the end, it can all add up to the difference between being called a champion or telling stories of nearly becoming one.

That fact was never more evident than in determining the overall winner of the fourth annual, 36-hole Seacoast Security Classic tournament played Saturday and Sunday, June 24-25 on two Knox County courses.

In fact, when the final putt was holed, just a single shot separated the top two golfers, two strokes the top three finishers and five shots the top five participants.

Chip Allen, in his first Seacoast event, finished first overall at 150 for the tourney, as he edged former champion James Anderson (151) and former two-time champion Ricky Jones (152). Pat Parent and Jamie Boutin finished at 155.

Mark Manzi (166) ended first in the B Flight, Kathleen LaBree (177) tops in C Flight and Charlie LeRoyer (151) the best among the seniors. The seniors played from the forward tees and were only eligible for senior prizes.

Golfers faced hot, humid — and sometimes rainy — conditions in the first round at Goose River on Saturday and played in ideal early-summer conditions in Sunday's final round at Rockland.

While the tournament was shortened from 54 to 36 holes, there still was plenty of top-level participants — including two-time winner Jones and one-time champion Anderson — as well as a strong, deep all-around field, for this year's event.

The amateur stroke play tournament included 52 golfers, including two women. A few golfers dropped out or withdrew.

The field had eight golfers in the A Flight (those with the lowest handicaps), 18 in B Flight, eight in C Flight, including the women, and 18 in the senior division (those 60 and older).

The golfer who emerged as the overall champion was expected to come from a small group in the A Flight, which included Ricky Jones (2.6 handicap), James Anderson (2.9), Chip Allen (4.3), Jon Hardy (5.1), Pat Parent (6.0), Peter Lynch (6.4), Jamie Boutin (7.1) and Paul Spizzuoco (7.5).

Ultimately, that happened.

Ricky Jones won the tourney in 2014 and 2016, while James Anderson finished first in 2015.

Ricky Jones, a multi-time Maine Amateur champion and one of the most accomplished and successful amateur golfers in Midcoast history (he is a member of the Midcoast Sports Hall of Fame, for example), was the favorite to win the tourney for the third time, but, in the end, Chip Allen and James Anderson played a stroke or two better.

There was a significant change to the tournament, which was shortened from three days, three courses and 54 holes to two days, two courses and 36 holes. The Samoset Resort Golf Course in Rockport will not be part of the rotation this year.

Senior flight golfers hit from the forward tees and were only able to win prizes in the senior flight. The two women in the field played from the red tees and were eligible to win prizes in the C Flight — as Kathleen LaBree did by winning the flight. All other players played from the white tees.