Oh, those cruel Republicans. Their latest effort in their war against humanity is their insistence upon following the letter of the law and thereby separating illegal immigrant children from their illegal immigrant parents.

The above sentence pretty well represents the sum total of Democrat vitriol aimed at Republicans. The facts of the matter don’t appear to matter much to those doing the damning, either. Laws, from a Democrat point of view, are only meant to be obeyed when they don’t interfere with the Democrat agenda. Otherwise, the law has no authority. And while it would take some searching to find a Democrat to admit to that, their actions speak louder than their words.

But America is a country of laws. And that includes immigration laws. Without secure borders, we would soon become a nation in complete disarray. Just as we forbid strangers from entering our homes without permission, our government forbids strangers to enter our country without permission.

A protocol exists for entering the United States legally, but the great mass of immigrants appear unwilling to go about entry into our country the right way. The wrong, or illegal way is quicker and easier. But with it comes the risk of capture and, in the case of families, separation.

This is nothing new. Domestic criminals are routinely separated from their families. Go out and commit a hard crime and you’ll lose your kids. This applies to those who come here illegally, too. But there is an answer, one that detractors of our current policy are loathe to mention. And that answer is, don’t come here illegally. That simple solution is largely ignored, though, both by the illegal immigrants themselves and their liberal supporters.

Real reason

No one wants to see families broken apart. And that’s what Trump-hating Democrats capitalize upon with the “crisis du jour.” Blaming Trump and Republicans in general for problems at the border resonates with those grasping at straws to demean the administration.

But this policy has one flaw and it’s called the Flores Consent Decree, passed into law in 1997 during the Clinton administration. This law calls for the separation of children from parents when apprehended during illegal border crossings. The decree mandated that immigrant children be held in the “least restrictive setting.”

So while the wording here reeks of ambiguity (what ranks as “least restrictive?”), the essence of the law dictates that children of illegals be held separate from parents while the parent or those posing as parents go through the legal process.

And for that Democrats and the liberal news media blame President Trump.

So Trump called for congressional action to end family separation at the border. But Senate Majority Leader and chief obstructionist for the Democrat party Chuck Schumer said, “Legislation is not the way to go here.”

Then, lacking any other way to address the problem, President Trump signed an executive order that continues the current zero-tolerance policy regarding illegal border crossers while keeping illegal immigrant families intact. This is the most the president can legally do to address the problem. It really needs a congressional fix but again, Democrats consider it more profitable for their cause to obstruct and obfuscate than to do any hands-on work toward settling the problem once and for all.

Besides, if Democrats cooperated in getting commonsense legislation passed, it would make Republicans look good, something they will always assiduously avoid.

Nonetheless, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has begun the process of modifying the Flores settlement agreement, part of which prevents Immigration and Customs Enforcement from holding family groups together for more than 20 days. This move will accomplish more toward promoting humane treatment of family groups than all the Democrats, Hollywood elitists and liberal news media combined. But it’s still a certainty that Democrats will decry this with some made-up complaints. It’s in their nature.

Continuing obstruction

Even in view of Republican efforts to right a wrong that they did not devise, Democrats will continue to rage on. Besides, all the noise and bluster regarding disposition of illegal immigrant groups shifts emphasis from the real solution, that being a border wall. Stop illegal immigration in its tracks and you stop the illegal immigration problem in its tracks.

But here again it’s an uphill battle. Last week, though, the president reiterated his promise to build a wall, and given that he has kept his other campaign promises, he will also keep this one. Just wait and see.

Tom Seymour is a freelance magazine and newspaper writer, book author, naturalist and forager. He lives in Waldo.