Maine's Supreme Court on July 3 denied an appeal filed by attorneys for Sharon Carrillo to bar state prosecutors from the case.

According to Portland Press Herald, the high court ruling upholds the decision of Superior Court Justice Robert Murray, who dismissed the defense’s motion and ruled that the AG’s office could remain on the case.

Leane Zainea and Donald Macomber are prosecuting the case.

Sharon Carrillo and her husband Julio are accused of beating to death 10-year-old Marissa Kennedy in February in the Stockton Springs condominium where the family lived. Kennedy was Sharon Carrillo's daughter. Police reports say Marissa was severely beaten for months prior to her death, officially attributed to battered child syndrome.

Sharon Carrillo's attorneys argued the methods used by prosecutors to obtain records from a private school and workplace were illegal. Murray previously directed prosecutors to turn over the documents to the court.

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