A mother and her two children, one an infant, were taken to Waldo County General Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries following a July 11 collision across from Renys Plaza at about 12:45 p.m.

According to Belfast Police, Bethany Nason, 27, of Bangor and her two young children were driving east on Belmont Avenue toward Belfast in a Chevy Cruze and did not see a dump truck turning left onto the Route 1 on-ramp.

The driver of the truck, Jason Littlefield of Belfast, said a good Samaritan waved him to proceed, as the line to turn left onto the on-ramp had backed up considerably.

"She didn't see me," Littlefield said.

Nason's car sustained heavy front-end damage and was removed by a wrecker, while Littlefield's Ford F-350 had a minor dent in the bumper. The steering on the Ford also  sustained damage.

Belfast Police, Ambulance and Fire departments responded to the call and traffic was delayed for approximately half an hour.