July 12, 1838

Hollis Monroe is still at his old stand, No. 4, Main St., Crosby’s buildings, – always ready to dispense Health to the sick, and good bargains to the purchaser. He has constantly on hand a good assortment of choice articles, viz: – Medicines, Paints, Oils, West India Goods, Groceries, Dye Stuffs, &c., &c. Don’t Forget! No. 4, Brick Store, Second Mortar.”

SIAMESE TWINS. For 2 days Only. The united brothers, Chan-Eng, very respectfully acquaint the Ladies and Gentlemen of Belfast, that they will be in that place on Friday and Saturday 13th and 14th of July – and will receive visitors at the Eagle Hotel. The Hours of admission will be from 2 till 4 in the afternoon, and from 7 till nine in the evening. Admittance 25 cents.

July 14, 1854

CIRCUS ~ On Thursday of next week, Messrs. Spalding and Rogers will open their grand double circus in this place. We learn from those who have seen this circus, that it is vastly above the general run of such establishments ~ indeed it must be so, otherwise the proprietors could not employ Ned Kendall’s band. Come and see the circus, and hear Kendall’s solos.

NOTICE. A school will be taught by S. Morgan at Brooks village, the coming autumn commencing the first Monday in September. The branches there taught will be arithmetic, grammar, geography, algebra, astronomy, geology, geometry, trigonometry, anatomy, physiology &c. Those commencing the study of Latin will find a favorable opportunity. Terms: common branches, 16 cents per week. Higher branches, 26 cents per week.

July 15, 1869

Master Albion B. Colcord of Searsport was the successful applicant for the cadetship at West Point, for the 5th District of Maine. The Committee of Examination report that there were four applicants only, in the whole district, and that those four passed a good examination, but that the successful one deserves a word of commendation, not only on account of his examination but for presenting himself without any letter of recommendation, or bringing any one to urge his claims.

Attention is called to the advertisement of the Ladies’ Washing Machine in another column. We are assured that this machine, which is newly invented, has great advantages over any previous one, and is really a great blessing in doing away with this branch of household drudgery.

July 17, 1913

The tea room at the Arts and Crafts shop – The Brass Kettle – managed by the Misses Doak is proving very popular and successful. Several out of town parties have enjoyed luncheon there recently, and many townspeople find it convenient for luncheons or tea. The menus are varied daily, and everything is both dainty and delicious.

The six reel feature photo play Cleopatra at the Opera House Monday and Tuesday of this week, pleased immensely, a great many people attending both nights. This is only one of the great things booked at the Old House.