Belfast Police on Wednesday arrested 75-year-old Edmond L. Melanson of Montville for propositioning a boy at City Park earlier this year.

The incident occurred on March 29. Melanson was identified after police released a description of a man with white hair, glasses, a ponytail and a hat identified variously as a bomber hat with no fur and a Sherlock Holmes hat.

"We were getting a large volume of people calling with potential suspects," Police Chief Mike McFadden said. "Eventually, we got a report from someone that was consistent with the case were were investigating."

On the day of the incident, police said two boys, ages 12 and 7, were playing by the dugouts of the baseball field at City Park when a man approached them and made a comment about how they should have boots on, since the snow was still deep.

The older boy later told police they had been on their way to play basketball and the man asked if he could watch. When the boys didn't strongly object, the man walked with them and on the way asked the older boy if he knew what a blowjob was. The boy said he did, and the man asked if the boy wanted one.

The boys ran away and told a man and woman who were walking in the park what had happened. Police released a description of the ponytailed man based on interviews with the couple and the boys.

Melanson was arrested on a warrant July 18 and charged with solicitation to commit a prohibited act, a Class D misdemeanor. He posted bail on July 20 and is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 28.