An 89-year-old Belfast man drove his pickup truck into the deck of Front Street Pub Tuesday afternoon after apparently pushing the wrong pedal.

Linwood Boguen was helped to an ambulance after the crash and taken to Waldo County General Hospital to be checked out, but did not report serious injury.

Belfast Police Sgt. John Gibbs, who is a co-owner of Front Street Pub, said Boguen had been coming to the restaurant for years to play pool. He noted that he'd never seen Boguen drink alcohol.

"He said his foot slipped off the brake onto the gas," Gibbs said. "Simple as that."

The pickup truck went over the curb and smashed through a section of railing and deck seating outside the restaurant, but Gibbs said no one was injured.

"Had it been yesterday at the same time … " he said. "Luckily there was nobody sitting there."