A new online business centered in Waldo County aims to help clients "become the CEOs of their health," according to proprietor and certified health coach ShabdSangeet Khalsa.

Her business, Essence of Healing, offers several holistic methods to identify and accomplish health goals, she said.

Functional medicine health coaching finds a root cause and gives clients support to meet personal health goals, Khalsa said. Coaching topics include diet, lifestyle and current health, as well as setting goals for the future.

Sound therapy with a symphonic gong and energy medicine are paired with orchid essences. It is geared for relaxation and meditation. Sound and subtle vibrations help the body and mind attune to its own unique frequency, according to Khalsa.

It is a "deep, subtle, yet profound experience … life changing," she said. "You go deep within yourself."

Focalizing is another meditational method Khalsa employs to "gain inner movement, tapping into the flow within."

She is also Reiki Master and offers the treatment to "uplift and enhance the healing."

"Everybody needs a different combination," she said.

Khalsa began her journey in California, then moved to Alaska where she lived for 40 years, and is now residing in a Monroe farmhouse.

"I was ready for a more balanced life," Khalsa said. "In Alaska, the darkness closes in on you and you have to do all kinds of creative things to push it back out."

Khalsa has had a lifetime interest in plants and flowers. As a teenager she studied medicinal herbs and went on to major in botany and geology at college.

"I started climbing mountains when I was 15," Khalsa said, "and found it to be a deeply spiritual experience. It created a direction in my life."

With her new venture, Khalsa said she is weaving together all her passions and skills including flowers, nature, and health, while acknowledging the important connection between mind, body and spirit.

"I'd rather help people be healthy than manage sickness," Khalsa said of the difference between her practices and traditional medicine. "In the mainstream medical industry there is a disease-based model — come back when you feel worse approach. And then I can give you pills for it."

According to Khalsa there is a revolution in health care that is not in the mainstream which first asks "Why or what's causing this?"

"That is where functional medicine steps in," Khalsa said. "Looking at all the clues from an individual. Everyone has their own scenario."

She offered some tips on life and health:

  • Embrace having energy for life — it's a real struggle.
  • As you change your diet, your taste buds change, too. Your emotions might take longer to adjust.
  • Eat across the rainbow to make sure you get enough nutrients from vegetables.
  • Try to make it fun.

While she expects her website to be a work in progress for the next few months, Khalsa is collaborating with a marketing team to optimize her message and produce videos. Check essenceofhealing.coach for news, upcoming events or to schedule a free consultation.

For flower essences that she produces, go online to orchidessences.com.

Khalsa will be giving a health talk at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Belfast Sept. 26 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. She will discuss how to use fermented foods and nurturing the microbiome.

She can be reached at ilovebeinghealthy@essenceofhealing.coach or by calling 207-322-8693.