A second rabid raccoon in two months was discovered Aug. 1 on New England Road in the vicinity of the power lines. The first raccoon was discovered July 12.

According to Searsmont Animal Control Officer Robin Dow, the animal did not attack anyone and no one was hurt. It did however, act aggressively and was "hissing and falling down."

"It was about three or four inches wide and its fur was matted," Dow said.

A homeowner was outside barbecuing fresh meat on the grill when the raccoon appeared. The animal showed no interest in the food, but rather "chased the lady into her house," Dow said.

According to Dow's Facebook post, "The rabid raccoon on New England Road is now deceased."

This is the second case in Searsmont this year of a rabid animal, according to Dow. Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention lists on its website one other Waldo County case, a skunk in Unity.

Nearby, on June 29, a sea otter made news when it bit a woman at a Rockland beach and was later found to have rabies. There also have been several rabid animals in Brunswick this year, according to statewide media.

Dow encourages pet owners to keep current with rabies vaccinations and to register pets with the Town Office. She also said to keep an eye on young children when they are out playing in the yard.