The Regional School Unit 71 Board of Directors on July 20 named Jeff Lovejoy principal of Belfast Area High School.

Lovejoy previously served as vice principal and athletic director at Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast. He replaces Mary Alice McLean, who was hired as district superintendent in May.

Board chairwoman Caitlin Hills said Lovejoy comes to the position familiar with district programs, including the T-PEPG professional growth and evaluation system, the Redefining Ready Initiative, and the district's Comprehensive Needs Assessment Processes and Goals.

Among Lovejoy's other qualifications, Hills cited his long-standing interest in active and experiential instructional methods, his training and experience with Restorative Justice practices, his "experience with effective use of common planning time and teaming" and "deep commitment to the students of our district."

"We are honored to have Jeff at the helm of our high school," Hills said.

Hills said the board has received some applications for Lovejoy's former post at the middle school but has not yet filled the position.