The rolling hills of Appleton are lush with vegetation and wildlife, and now, lush with two distinct golf courses — one that employs dimpled balls and another that uses discs.

The West Appleton Country Club has offered traditional golf for 10 years, slowly expanding and improving along the way, and now a new course has graced the same land, as disc golf has flung onto the scene.

Disc golf is a growing sport across the state, with more than 50 courses in Maine, according to the Professional Disc Golf Association website, located as far north as Presque Isle and as far south as Sanford.

Disc golf is an alternate to traditional golf, with as many similarities as there are differences.

The most significant difference being instead of playing with a small, dimpled ball with a variety of clubs with the object to get the ball to on the green — and, ultimately, in the hole — disc golf is played with, well, discs.

The discs are heavier than a Frisbee, but significantly lighter than a discus that may be used in track and field. While traditional golf has drivers, woods, irons and putters, disc golf has a myriad of discs for different situations, such as drivers, mid-range discs and putters, all with varying weights.

With the ultimate goal being to sling the disc into the chained basket to achieve a par, a birdie or simply to improve on one’s personal best score.

“We decided to build it because there is a lot of interest in disc golf, and there are not a lot of disc golf courses in the Midcoast area,” said club owner Ray Bartlett. “That was one of the reasons we did this. We thought it would be a good addition to the golf course, because there were a lot of people that had interest in it.”

There are a few other disc golf courses in the Knox, Waldo and Lincoln county regions, but not many.

“[In 2017] we plotted a layout and put things together,” Bartlett said. “I had a lot of help from Donnie Kennedy. He helped me find a couple used baskets from another course in the spring of 2018. We just laid the course out and had some guys help out to clean up the woods, and mowed some paths and trails, and put the baskets in, and here we are.”

The disc golf course shares the same land as West Appleton Country Club’s nine-hole golf course (which plays 18 holes with different tees), but more on the periphery of that layout.

“I’ve had a lot of regular golfers say they are going to try [disc golf],” Bartlett said.

The disc course is 18 holes, which flow through the woods and through a field, which also doubles as a runway for small airplanes. Hole lengths range from 150 feet on the shortest hole up to 475 feet on the longest.

For $7 one can play 18 holes, or one can play 36 holes for $12.

The course has been open since July 12, but is only half-completed.

“We still have to build tee pads, and finish cart paths,” Bartlett said. “I’m hoping we are going to have all that done by the end of this year, so it will be ready for spring time. That’s the goal.”

Yes, you read that right, you can rent golf carts to carry you and your equipment around.

“The golf carts are limited and [players] have to reserve them, “Bartlett said. “As far as I know we are the only disc golf course that offers carts.”

Golf cart prices are $12 per cart, per round, with a limit of two rounds. The carts aren’t the only thing you can rent. If one is a new player and does not have discs of their own, the course offers a bag of three discs to rent for $3.

According to Bartlett, the first couple of weeks of operation have been going “very well,” and “we have been getting really good reviews from people that have played [the course].”

Bartlett also said that people have come from as far away as Lewiston and Lisbon to try out the new course.

For those who have not heard of the course, that is because word of its opening has only been spread by word of mouth, but more information can be found on the West Appleton Country Club Facebook page.