The divide between conservatives and liberals has deepened to the point that it is unlikely the two will ever again engage in any sort of meaningful dialogue.

It’s not that conservatives or Republicans have changed, either. Instead, Democrats have chosen to deviate from what was once considered normal and have embraced not only socialism, but also lawlessness in its many forms.

For example, Democrat-led cities across the nation have taken it upon themselves to defy existing laws and conventions. From declaring themselves “sanctuary cities” to allowing non-citizens to vote in elections, liberal enclaves on both coasts have established battle lines.

The impact of this, at least for conservatives, comes as a kind of culture shock. No one a few generations ago would have ever believed that such things could happen, or that Americans would adopt an anti-American stance. For everyday, hard-working men and women, this has happened so quickly and with so much fury that it’s simply easier to ignore it than to try to counter it in any way. But now, even ignoring the militant left no longer works. California has seen to that.

California plunges

California has finally plunged into the abyss, not physically but in every other way possible. “Calexit,” a term reminiscent of “Brexit,” is a movement to break away from the United States of America and to form a separate nation, complete with its own laws. Calexit supporters consider the United States an occupying force. Does that sound familiar? The “late unpleasantness,” as former soldiers referred to the war of 1861-1865, was fought to preserve the union. And now, 153 years later, we must ask ourselves if those who fought in that awful Civil War will have died in vain if any state should now be allowed to leave the union. Unfortunately it appears that California secession is quite possible.

In addition to leaving the United States, Calexit promoters now wish to give all federal land in California back to the Indians, creating an “autonomous Native American nation.” The problem is, federal land is owned by the federal government and is not California’s to give away.

This move, in addition to establishing a new homogeneous Indian nation, would, according to Calexit co-founder Marcus Ruiz Evans, establish a buffer zone between “Donald Trump’s America” and the new independent California republic.

A “buffer zone?” Since when does an American state need a buffer zone to insulate it from other states? What part of “United States of America” do these people not understand? And “Donald Trump’s America” is nothing of the sort. Donald Trump is our president, but this is not Donald Trump’s America or anyone else’s. America belongs to all American citizens.

The following from Marcus Ruiz Evans sums up sentiments of California liberals and it is shocking: “We are motivated by the fact that California is a distinct society with the capability to govern itself independent of a country whose values are in direct conflict with ours, and a country whose government system and its institutions is broken and obsolete.”

It gets worse. This past Independence Day saw a Calexit rally where promoters directed Trump voters to leave California, citing the “American occupation” of their state. An official Calexit statement declared that the “Fourth of July is no longer a day to celebrate in California.”

There is no easy answer here. Besides that, a number of conservatives are now at the point where they would just as soon California did secede. And, yes, we in Maine, too, feel that parts of our country are ruled by an occupying force. Many people from the “real Maine” feel that Portland has become a little San Francisco and if Portland indicated that it wanted to leave Maine and become part of ultra-liberal Massachusetts, the rest of us would probably consent.

This is how bad the situation has become. Liberal-inspired lawlessness and even calls for violence (Maxine Waters imploring liberals to harass Republicans in public is a good example), is now the norm and we had better get used to it.

We can’t change their minds and their hearts have become too hardened for reason to prevail. A kind of sinister power has insinuated itself upon liberals and it is likely that they don’t even realize it. Liberals, of course, consider themselves right about everything and everyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter.

This is where things stand and whatever the result, our nation will never be the same. Barack Obama was prophetic when he promised to fundamentally change America. He started the ball rolling and it is still gaining momentum.

So tonight, tell your children you love them. Continue to do good toward all. And if you believe in God, pray to him to save our country. He is the final arbiter and our best hope.

Tom Seymour is a freelance magazine and newspaper writer, book author, naturalist and forager. He lives in Waldo.