A tiny inconvenience

I was fascinated by Meredith Ares description of how she votes in Searsport. I have voted in various Maine small towns all my life, and never have been required to sign a voter registration book to get my ballot! Where I vote, you just walk in and state your name.

This honor system works fine in small towns, where generally people know each other. But what about cities where people are anonymous? I guess Meredith thinks the Searsport system is how it works everywhere. It is not.

Is voter fraud a big problem? In small town Maine, I don't think so. But requiring an ID or a signature seems like a great way to stymie fraudsters and a tiny inconvenience to ensure the sanctity of our electoral process.

Randall Poulton


Zeigler for District 96

A few years ago I was campaigning, working very hard to win the seat for District 96 (Belmont, Lincolnville, Liberty, Morrill, Montville, Searsmont and Palermo) in Waldo County. Now, two candidates  are running for my old seat.

One candidate I know is wandering throughout our towns, knocking on doors and meeting you, the voters of our district — that’s Stanley Paige Zeigler. This is important.  As a legislator you must have the pulse of the people of your district.  Coming to your door is one of the best ways to get to know you, the voter.

From my experience and my research into both candidates, there is clearly only one person that has the qualities, intelligence and experience for our votes. That is Stanley Paige Zeigler.

Paige has the education, experience, knowledge and honesty that we want in a representative.

He is retired, but retired from 35 years of being a captain in the Merchant Marine. He has made tough decisions and had to stand by them. He is a father and a husband. He has worked in the logging industry and as a licensed ambulance attendant. He has shown community service by being on the school board for Regional School Unit 3 as chairman and on town committees. He has shown that he works for and cares about the people in his district by his actions and not just words.

Mr. Zeigler can represent both women and men and their concerns in Augusta.

From what I have researched, Paige’s opponent lacks a firm handle on the many issues which we address today. Life is complicated in Augusta. Working as a representative means giving time, energy and tapping into life’s experiences to help you make good, informed, educated decisions.

Mr. Zeigler will represent all of us, with an open mind and with vast life experiences that will bring maturity and intelligence to the State House. Having been in one term already means he will be working from day one as well.

Please vote for Stanley Paige Zeigler to be our representative for a second term for District 96.

Christine Burstein

Former Representative for District 96


Herbig listens

Have you ever wondered if legislators ever listen or talk to the everyday people they represent?  Erin Herbig of Belfast does.

Contacting her to ask if we could meet to discuss an important matter, I didn’t expect to hear back from her right away, but I did. On her way to Augusta for a meeting the next week she stopped at my home to visit with me.

I thought we might talk for a half hour but she stayed for an hour and a half! She was able to see that what happens in Belfast occurs all across the state. How refreshing to have a representative who can see that larger picture and understand where efficiencies can be found!

Please vote for Erin Herbig to serve Waldo County in the state Senate this November.

Pam Chase