Someone stole fuel from roughly 15 boats docked on Marshall Shore and Sherman roads on Lake St. George sometime just prior to Aug. 9, according to Liberty Road Commissioner Tammy Reynolds.

Maine State Police Lt. Aaron Hayden said in an email, "The total in gas removed was less than 10 gallons and there were no other reports of any vandalism to the boats or to any of the summer camps.

"  … These look to be very isolated incidents that occurred on or around the same date and locations."

Linda Breslin, president of Citizen's Association of Liberty Lakes, said the tank on her boat was emptied. She said she noticed the gas strap securing her tank was broken before discovering the missing fuel.

"It was good I noticed — my dog and I would have been stuck out on the lake without anyone to help," she said.

Breslin said she thought the alleged theft occurred at night; perhaps by someone in a canoe, because no one saw or heard anything.

"Whoever did this knew everyone's schedule. No one was around," Breslin said.

Jesse Clark, who owns a dock on Marshall Shore Road, said people use it to access Millstone Island.

He said at least two boats docked there were vandalized and there were a couple more on Sherman Shores.

For now, some boat owners are taking their gas tanks out completely when leaving their boats unattended, Breslin said.

They have also banded together and formed a neighborhood watch, according to Reynolds.

"Liberty is such a nice little town," Breslin said. "It's unfortunate."