The sound of crunching metal, revving engines and the road of hundreds upon hundreds of spectators in attendance was the perfect backdrop for the end of the first day of the 149th Union Fair and 59th Maine Wild Blueberry Festival.

A longtime featured event of the fair, dozens upon dozens of drivers brought their jalopies, clunkers and beaters out to be smashed up in the heat of battle in search of bragging rights and cash prizes.

In the first of two truck heats, Jared Mank of Warren finished first and James Smith of South Thomaston second; while in the second heat, Jason Baughman of Rockport finished first.

In the first of two 4-cylinder heats, Justin Berube of Albion emerged victorious; while in the second heat, Jake Merithew of Freedom finished first overall.

In the first of two 6-cylinder heats, Ben Porter of Warren smashed his way to first-place honors; while in the second heat, Jane Henderson of Troy emerged as the winner.

There was both a four and six-cylinder feature to end the evening and, unlike year’s past, all functional cars were called back to participate in its respective features.

In the 4-cylinder feature, Jay Ditnillo of Monroe finished first; while in the 6-cylinder feature, Joey Werner of Washington picked up the win.

The Union Fair will feature a second demolition derby Thursday, Aug. 23 at 7 p.m.

The individual drivers and their towns for each division were:

Trucks — James Smith of South Thomaston and Jared Mank of Warren.

Trucks — Mark Tibbets of Appleton, Joe Young of Warren, Jason Baughman and Ryan Gamage of Thomaston.

4-cylinders — Justin Berube of Albion, Jasmine Barnard of Montville, Amber Flanders of South Thomaston, Forrest Prock of Union, Charlie Henderson of Troy, Allen Gardner of Rockport and Jay Dituillo of Monroe.

4-cylinders — Jay Ditnillo of Monroe, Justin Berube of Albion, Ben Porter of Warren, Tammy Davis of Appleton and Jake Merithew of Freedom.

4-cylinder feature — Tyler Jones of Jefferson, Tammy Davis of Appleton, Chris Carpenter of Union, Jake Merithew of Freedom, Zach Robbins of Nobleboro, Ryan Gamage of Thomaston and Craig Luce of Warren.

6-cylinders — John Thompson of Thomaston, Dawson Allen of Lincolnville, Randy Goneau of China, Dylan All of Waterville, Chad Nelson of Waterville, Vincent Roderick of Sidney, Tiffany Holmes of China, Jane Henderson of Troy, Chris Carlson of Waldoboro, Mat Eaton of Burketville and Craig Luce of Warren.

6-cylinders — Randy Greenleaf of Frankfort, Ken Doak of Washington, Andrew Holmes of China, Ben Porter of Warren, David Holmes (no town listed), Zack Pollotta of Montville, Donovan Dodge of Hope, Joey Werner of Washington, Brian Hilt of Union, Becca Hilt of Nobleboro and Ryan Gamage of Thomaston.

6-cylinder feature — Tiffany Holmes of China, Chris Carlson of Waldoboro, Randy Goneau of China, Vincent Roderick of Sidney, Joey Werner of Washington, Mat Eaton of Burketville, Jane Henderson of Troy and Donovan Dodge of Hope.

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