Alvin Peabody of Waldoboro has participated in the demolition derby at the Union Fair for several years. So many so that, when prompted on his sign-up sheet for the event to specify how many years he had participated, he simply wrote "enough."

Peabody had a memorable night in the Union Fair's second running Thursday, Aug. 23, in the second heat when, in a scary moment, his car flipped on its hood after a hard hit from Matt Jackson of Washington.

A hush fell over the crowd, but Peabody quickly emerged from his vehicle unfazed, climbed atop it and celebrated with the crowd, who offered him a thunderous ovation in return.

It was a scary moment. And while Peabody did not prevail in his efforts to win the heat, he felt like the big winner of the event, which again drew large numbers as one of the fair's signature events.

Andrew Campbell of Union emerged victorious in that heat — which featured six mini trucks — while five other heats and two features also entertained the audience Thursday night.

Other winners of the evening included Robert Wheelis of Warren and Jane Henderson of Troy in the 4-cylinders; Becca Hilt of Nobleboro and David Holmes of South China emerged victorious in the two 6-cylinder heats.

Jane Henderson also won the 4-cylinder feature, while Holmes of South China won the 6-cylinder feature. Joseph Seward of Rockland also prevailed in the full size truck division. Full results follow.

4-cylinders — Robert Wheelis of Warren, Andrew Holmes of Whitefield, Andrew Kelly of Lincolnville, Gleb of Russia, Mike Lindsey of Union, Corey Witham of Warren, Dawson Allen of Lincolnville and Levi Esancy of Union.

4-cylinders — Jay Ditullio of Monroe, Jared Drown of Waldoboro, Avery Woodman of Rockland, Jane Henderson of Troy, Charlie Henderson of Troy, Aaron Tripp of Belmont, Kerin Gardner of Rockport and Mike Carver of Rockland.

4-cylinder feature Corey Witham of Warren, Aaron Tripp of Belmont, Jared Drown of Waldoboro, Andrew Kelly of Lincolnville, Jane Henderon of Troy, Charlie Henderson of Troy, Avery Woodman of Rockland and Jay Ditullio of Monroe.

Mini truck — Alvin Peabody of Waldoboro, Matt Jackson of Washington, Tyler Jones (no town listed), Kenny Johnson of Rockland, Ryan Maloney of Cushing and Andrew Campbell of Union.

Full size trucks — Jared Mank of Warren and Joseph Seward of Rockland.

6-cylinders — Vincent Roderick of China, Randy Goneau of Sidney, Ryan Soule of Union, Brian Hilt of Union, Becca Hilt of Nobleboro and Steven Widdecomb of Waldoboro.

6-cylinders — David Holmes of South China, Robbie Maloney of Cushing, Ken Doaks of Washington, Randy Matson of Lincolnville, Adam Richardson of Warren and Nathan Ankers of Washington.

6-cylinder feature — Ken Doaks of Washington, David Holmes of South China, Becca Hilt of Nobleboro and Ryan Soule of Union.