Fire crews were dispatched to a lot adjacent to Village Cemetery on Mount Ephraim Road Tuesday, where an excavator clearing bush caught fire.

At approximately 1:10 p.m., Keith Colby said he noticed flames coming from the back of the excavator he was operating.

Colby said he grabbed his phone, jumped out and called 911.

He had been working on the lot clearing bush and maintaining a controlled fire.

"It might have been a small fuel leak," Colby said, which eventually caught fire.

Jim Babb, a neighbor, said he was alerted to a problem when the "smoke didn't smell like wood anymore." He noted Colby was "was driving the excavator in shorts and a T-shirt."

Searsport Fire Chief Andrew Webster said at the scene he wasn't concerned about the fuel exploding but said there were hydraulic tanks that could.

Searsport Fire Department and Ambulance Service responded, along with police department personnel.

No injuries were reported.