Bevelyn Beatty, the Republican candidate for House District 97, said Sept. 7 that she intends to withdraw from the race.

Speaking by phone from New York, Beatty said she hadn't received support from God or the Republican party in her bid to represent Belfast, Northport and Waldo in the Legislature.

"When God wants you to do something, he's going to provide," she said. "I feel like, in this mission, there was not provision brought forth."

Beatty said she felt that she "stood alone" in the race for the Belfast seat in the Legislature, and that Republican Party support "wasn't there."

A born again Christian who moved to Belfast after traveling as a street preacher, Beatty wrote on her website that she ran for the Legislature because "some laws of this land violate God’s word."

On Friday, she said she plans to stay in New York and focus on her ministry and motivational speaking.

"At the end of the day, I serve God," she said. "I don't serve man."

As of Sept. 7, Beatty had not formally withdrawn, but the candidate said she plans to contact the secretary of state's office on Monday, Sept. 9, to make it official.

With the deadline for a party replacement passed and the deadline for declared write-in candidates at 5 p.m. Friday, Sept 7, Beatty's withdrawal effectively hands the election to Democrat Jan Dodge of Belfast.

Beatty wished her competitor well.

"Congratulations to Jan Dodge," she said. "She's worked hard and had a lot of support."

Dodge was planning to knock on doors Friday afternoon and was evidently surprised by the news of Beatty's intended withdrawal from the race. She expressed cautious optimism about running unopposed in November but declined to comment until she could get official confirmation.