Maine Wienerfest marked its 15th year on Sept. 9, proving that the novelty of hundreds of dachshunds in one place, in costumes and racing against one another, will never get old.

Sunday was seasonably cool and sunny, and Steamboat Landing Park was teaming with hot dogs — minis, standards, smooths, wire- and long-hairs — accompanied by owners, plenty of curious spectators and enough other dog breeds to maintain the astigmatic effect of gazing upon animals bred to be the length and girth of a badger hole.

Dachshunds at this year's event arrived from as far away as Idaho, Oregon and Hawaii, and Master of Ceremonies Tim Woitowitz shouted them out by their far-flung origins.

Daring dachshunds dolled up for the Canine Costume Competition and set stubby legs sprinting in the "Doxie Derby," a straight race that often saw dogs running in every direction.

A Grand Parade opening the event featured 130 dachshunds marching down the waterfront promenade, with many more in the wings. Organizers didn't count human attendees, but The Republican Journal estimated the crowd at about 700 people midway through the event, a fundraiser for P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center.