The city has fined Young's Lobster Pound $100 for violating a ban on polystyrene takeout packaging.

The fine is the first formal action against a business since the ban was enacted earlier this year, alongside a more highly publicized ban on single-use plastic bags. Polystyrene is often called by the trade name Styrofoam.

City Manager Joe Slocum said Young's was called to his attention by a "frequent customer," who claimed the waterfront restaurant, on multiple occasions, put coleslaw in a polystyrene container as part of a takeout order.

As of Sept. 11, he had not sent an official notice of the fine, but said he would by the end of the week.

Young's owner Katrina Young said the business uses polystyrene plates for customers who are dining at the restaurant and cardboard containers for takeout. She attributed the violations to customers walking out of the restaurant with their eat-in dishes or not indicating where they planned to dine.

"When they don't specifically say, we don't know," Young said. "I'm trying to use up what Styrofoam I have so we don't run into this confusion."

Slocum said the fine came after several verbal and written warnings. There have been "one or two" other complaints about businesses continuing to use the banned containers, he said, but those have been quickly resolved.

"Most people have been very cooperative," he said.