In writing about the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, partisan politics runs rampant and the eye of the beholder is more pertinent than arguments from either side. Both sides have their stories, but both demand extra-sensory perception to know what will occur; the answer will come from hindsight in the decades ahead.

The president continues under siege from the Woodward book and the New York Times op-ed piece attributed to an anonymous source from Trump’s inner circle. Both are critical of Trump, presenting him as “unhinged," “deranged,” a “kindergartener,” blah, blah, blah.

Trump's and his supporters' defense continues to be their mantras about “deep-state,” “fake news,” “witch-hunt,” blah, blah, blah.

It’s time to move on and look at issues, or for this column, another topic.


With high schools back in session, the youth of America continue to give hope for our future.

The rest of this column is ceded to Laura Gauld, head of Hyde School in Bath.

Hyde's philosophy is one of inclusion, parents and students involved with teachers and administrators to create culture. The school believes parents are the primary teachers (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; students mirror what parents do, more than what they say). Teachers work with students in unique ways that more schools should consider adopting; collaboration creating inclusion, leading to a better way.

The Hyde Weekly

The 2018-19 school is under way; the excitement palpable. One senior said in our first senior meeting, "There is a great new energy and synergy, which is contagious!"

After a week on campus, it is clear our community is building on spring of last year; seniors working hard to establish their leadership. They are making their impression. When confronted with a group who made poor decisions during Senior Retreat, they faced it head-on. Also during Senior Retreat, they resolved to take ownership for establishing September rigor, asking for faculty support.

One concrete result is working agreements seniors developed to help their underclassmen understand Hyde ethics while creating a foundation of rigor. These agreements are:

Boys Dress Code: – Khakis, dress shirt, tie, belt, respectable shoes

Girls Dress Code: – Dress slacks or dress

Dorm (Home Life): – Respect and support peers! – Dress code checked by seniors before leaving dorm – Inspection including bed made, folded clothes, neat desk, lights/fans turned off, open door, be in lounge at 7:20 a.m.

Technology (don’t be a screenager!): – Tech-Free Zones include dining hall, classrooms, PA and School Meeting – Headphones are not facets of the academic day; keep them in your room – Keep speakers at reasonable volume

Athletics (Embrace The Communities Best): – Athletics are mandatory because it is a surefire way to foster new connections with teachers and peers – You don’t need to consider yourself an athlete to compete – Much of Hyde’s character philosophy is seen in the foundation of athletics.

Performing Arts (Get Into It!): – An example of mandatory fun – The more attentive/respectful you are, the better sessions will be – Performing arts is entirely what you make it – Keep smiling.

Academics (Your Intellectual Best): – Phones go in the front of the classroom – No excuse for tardiness – Chose to take full advantage of your learning opportunity – Be attentive, show respect teachers deserve – Teachers have the right to implement measures necessary to ensure success of each student – Reach out for help… It’s never too late to change the direction you’re going

Brothers/Sisters Keeper (Love Your Neighbor): – Look out for each other in the same sense any sibling would – Hyde is not just a community, but a family – The more brothers/sisters keeper is used, the less faculty intervention needed – Resist immaturity, help peers face their problems! – Be there for everyone – Help friends and peers make the right choice before it’s too late

Ethics (Developing a Moral Code): – Get in touch with conscience, find a better sense of self by always being honest – Never let friends make the wrong choice – No-substance environment! You have no idea who is or isn’t struggling; repercussions can be lifelong – We encourage healthy relationships with self and peers, without pressure of sex. Respect the sex ethic. – Absolutely no cheating – take pride in your work knowing it’s authentic – Don’t steal from your neighbor! – Ethics aren’t solely a safety precaution, the more you practice them, the more authentic you become. Think of them as a moral compass to guide you through this year, and for years far beyond Hyde.

“When people are frantically dedicated to political or religious faiths or any kind of dogmas or goals, it’s always because these dogmas or goals are in doubt.”

— Robert M. Pirsig, author and philosopher (1928-2017)