A driver walked away from a crash with only minor injuries after her car left the road and flipped over Friday morning.

Searsport Police Officer Eric Bonney said Heather Ames, 32, of Swanville was driving north on North Searsport Road at approximately 11:30 a.m. Sept. 14.

Her cell phone slid off her leg and onto the floor, Bonney said; when she tried to retrieve it, the car drifted toward the side of the road. Her car then veered right, into a ditch, before flipping over, Bonney said.

Searsport Ambulance personnel checked Ames for injury at the scene and she was later taken to Waldo County General Hospital by her mother.

No one else was in the vehicle with Ames at the time of the crash and no other vehicles were involved.

Along with tire marks, small bits of shattered glass could be seen on the side of the ditch where the windshield disintegrated. A child's car seat was visible in the rear seat and airbags were deployed.

Searsport Fire, Police and Ambulance services responded, along with West Frankfort Fire Department and Maine State Police.

No charges were immediately filed.