I can't even imagine living down South, where the hurricane has hit. Those poor people, returning to their homes and finding nearly nothing left. I bet they all say the same about us, that they couldn't imagine living here in the Northeast when we have blizzards.

Some of the people there refused to leave their homes. One man chose to ride out the storm and boarded up all his windows; there was one retired military man who was in a nursing home, he was really upset because they were making him move. He told them that he had survived two wars, and he would be just fine. Sending thoughts and prayers to all affected by the hurricane.


I would like to send out my sincerest condolences to the family of Gertrude Thompson who recently passed away. She was such a wonderful lady. I worked with both her and her late sister Doris at Tall Pines many years ago. Gertrude was a great cook and she would always make a point to come over and speak to me if we were in the same place. Rest in peace, my friend.


Are all of your kids settled into school? I hope they have made new friends. If they do fall sports, they are in full-swing.

My three great-granddaughters are all playing sports: Ella is cheering for the Mount View Junior High football team, Mady is playing field hockey and doing gymnastics, and Hannah is playing soccer and also doing gymnastics. Also, my great-nephew Blake is playing football in Chicago.

Good luck to all of the teams, and remember, kids, have fun.


Have you harvested your goods from your garden yet? Brother Robert has finished up with his except for the late veggies like potatoes, parsnips, squash and pumpkins.

This ’n’ that

I had a nice visit a couple of Sundays ago. Chris, Brooke, LeeAnn and Lisa all stopped in on their way home from church in Belfast. Also, at the end of this week, Brandi and Scout stopped in for a visit. Scout comes in and yells to me, "Gat Gam, where are you?" She likes to stop in for a visit on the way home. If you have Facebook, I'm sure a lot of you have seen her on there.

I would like to send out my thoughts and sympathies to all who were involved, the crew and the family of the fellow who died in the barn collapse in Knox. What a horrible tragedy.

Red Sox

How about those Red Sox, with 100 wins? Keep it up, guys!


Happy 15th birthday to Forest and Hunter Dodge. They were surprised with a special gift. Their dad Flint made each of them a kayak for their birthday. What a great gift!

Woods crew

The Ginns from Winterport have finished up cutting wood for some of the locals here in Jackson. Robert will sure miss having them close by, as he would go and visit them on their breaks. Ben has also stopped by on occasion to visit Robert.