Hello All,

Well here goes, as we now have to email our news, and this is altogether not my normal way I have been used to. To my dismay it is different now, and I detest change. Oh well, I shall live.

Homecoming Weekend

Congrats to all the football, soccer and field hockey kids on their wins. It was awesome to hear they all won. A great way to celebrate the Homecoming Weekend for sure.

Apple season

It is time for apples, and I need to go get some Cortlands. I bought some others that were about as big as golf balls, maybe a bit bigger, Jersey Macs. I guess they will be good for applesauce. They are dark red, and will make pretty sauce. I cook the whole apple, just cut up in pieces, and then strain the apples with my old fashioned strainer. It is cone shaped, and I use a wooden mallet to push the sauce through. It is so good, added sugar, cinnamon, dash of vanilla. Yum.

Caterpillar hairs

Yes, they talk of the caterpillars causing a rash. Well, maybe that is what happened to me as my feet and legs broke out, and my feet itched like crazy. Has been a week and the rash is gone. That was something else to deal with. Thought it was a reaction of some kind. Have heard of others dealing with this, too. I hope to never deal with it ever.

Building collapse

Sympathy to the family of Bill Viles, who was tragically killed in Knox this week. To the others, get well soon. This was a tragic accident.


Our condolences to the Kennedy family, Christopher Kennedy, son of Tave and Linda Kennedy, passed away from cancer. Thinking of his family at this time.

Cattle showing

Congrats to all those that have been attending the fairs and bring home ribbons for their critters. Send me pictures and info on email for the paper. Thanks! I know you all have been busy. Big E now.

Ladies Auxiliary in Unity

We have donated twin fitted sheets to the Garry Owen House for veterans. Our unit ladies will be donating fleece knotted blankets and other items to the Betsy Ross House for lady veterans and children in Augusta.

We can use ditty bags, 18×18, for the Homeless Stand Down for all the homeless vets they do at Togus soon (for full-size toiletry items). Or if you have cloth to donate, I have someone who will sew them. Thanks to all.

Fuel assistance

Sign-up time is now. If you need help, call 1-800-498-3025. Or for information.

Fair time

MOFGA Common Ground Fair is starting this week. The traffic will be heavy, so plan accordingly. I hope to go. Love to look around, and see the demonstrations.

Until next week,

I hope this posts to Village Soup. Take care, everyone, and enjoy our nice weather. Prayers to all those in the South dealing with the hurricane. We are fortunate we did not have to deal with this. We got only rain. It was needed. I did escape the frost, as my cucumber plants are still alive. Get better to Donna Harris who just had lung surgery. I hope you are doing good now.