William Viles was born Jan. 26, in Farmington.

We tragically lost a great man on Sept 13. "Wild Bill” was known by many.

He is survived by his loving wife Denise Viles of Belfast; his five brothers; his four daughters; and his two sons.

Bill’s family was his world, but he cared for and took under his wing many other local kids who needed guidance, a strong mentor and basic support in life. His friends and clients also got his support and enthusiasm when in need.

Bill was a "Bill" of all trades from paving, landscaping, metal recycling and snowplowing. He was an accomplisher of difficult tasks and a general entrepreneur of people’s everyday needs. He touched his local community in a special way, and folks knew him as the rock that defined success in many ways. Whenever there was a task at hand Bill gave it everything he had. There were so many people in this community who would call Bill for projects that most would find too difficult to accomplish, or too much work. He would always be up for the challenge and get it done with a bit of sweat and a strong back, bulling his way through to completion, and always with a loud chat of proud accomplishment when the mission was completed. With a kind heart and generous soul, Bill had a focus in life: work hard, be loyal to your family and friends with support, and always lend a helping hand. His enthusiastic "get it done" attitude pulled him through many life situations where most people would have succumbed to failure.

To the people who were lucky enough to know him, we will always remember a man who defined perseverance and accomplishment in so many ways. He had unique bullish ways to take on tasks, but a artistic eye with a real feel for unique items. One of his greatest pleasures was sharing his found items with his closest friends. Bill was a true, honest soul and those of us who were lucky enough to get close learned a lot from him and will never forget him.

As a sendoff into Bill’s next adventure,a gathering for all will be hosted at 123 Woodsmans Mill Road, Searsmont, at 4 p.m., Friday, Sept. 28.