The first time I became aware of just how rude and coarse congressional Democrats were was during the Robert Bork confirmation hearing for a seat on the Supreme Court. The degree of nastiness shocked me. It was hard to believe my ears. It seemed impossible that elected officials could act in such a despiteful, arrogant and nasty manner.

I never liked Sen. Kennedy, but after his behavior toward the gentle and unassuming Robert Bork, I held nothing but contempt for the man. I felt ashamed for my countrymen for their disgraceful behavior.

The next time such viciousness appeared on the evening news was during the Bush-Clinton presidential campaign. It became readily apparent that President George H. W. Bush was a gentleman and his opponent was not.

Bill Clinton ran Bush into the ground, accusing him of being everything but a decent human being. I was appalled. How could the news people allow such hateful lies and slander to appear on the evening news? President Bush, on the other hand, never raised his voice and did not reply in-kind. In other words, Bush refused to descend to Clinton’s low level.

These two instances paved the way for the modern Democratic Party to fully embrace disgraceful behavior. Lies, name-calling and false accusations were finally accepted as part of the Democratic playbook.

And now, during the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Democrats have incorporated yet another bit of nastiness, in the form of hired protestors.

Inconceivable actions

This past week’s debacle included not only uncivil nastiness on the part of each and every Democratic senator, but also, hysterical screaming and name-calling on the part of protestors. Even worse, those protestors were working in concert with the Democratic Party.

At first, Democrats had decided to walk out en masse once the hearings began. “That’ll teach them,” they thought. Then cooler heads realized that such an act would harm them more than it would harm their opponents (read that, “enemies”) and so devised an alternate strategy, this one far more onerous than their first.

Democrats decided that disruption was the answer they sought. And so they colluded with various anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-America groups to stage protests during the hearings. One group, which, as it later turned out, was a bunch of firebrands from the anarchist group, Antifa, lined up in the upper balcony of the chamber. All were dressed in long gowns and wore bonnets in an attempt to portray innocent handmaidens.

Then, every time Judge Kavanaugh attempted to answer a question, the “handmaids” began their maniacal screaming. These antics have popped up from time to time during Trump rallies, but to have such shenanigans in the United States Senate was totally unacceptable. In fact it showed the degree of contempt that Democrats have for procedure and the rule of law.

Finally, when the din of screaming, hysterical protesters became unbearable, Capitol Police escorted the villains out of the building. But they didn’t go quietly; they screamed and thrashed all the way. And when one was removed, another took his or her place.

These folks exhibit no human dignity. In fact, a pump handle has more God-given dignity than these despicable people.

Lines drawn

Never, since pre-Civil War days, have such clear and dramatic distinctions been drawn between Republicans and Democrats. Then, a Democratic senator beat Republican Sen. Sumner of Massachusetts so savagely with a gutta-percha cane that Sumner never fully recovered. And everyone, except for Democrats, thought such behavior was reprehensible.

Fast-forward to today. With Democratic senators publicly urging followers to disrupt and harass Republican leaders in public, and some Democrat darlings urging for the assassination of our president, we may look back upon pre-Civil War days as “the good old days.”

The savagery and venom exhibited by today’s Democrats bears no resemblance to anything that has ever happened before, at least in the United States. Of course, such antics are routine in banana republics. And that is, or was, what separates us from uncivilized scoundrels. But who, even so-called “moderate” Democrats, would have ever even contemplated that this sort of thing could ever happen here?

Once, there was a slight chance that the rift between the left and the right could be healed. Now it’s plain to see that a Rubicon has been crossed and there is no turning back. But remember this. The individual or individuals who meet such contemptible behavior in-kind have already lost the battle. So, much to their credit, Republicans have, to a person, kept themselves above the fray.

So let the opposition scream, yell, jump about and wave their arms. All they can hope to accomplish is to let the average American finally see what evil lurks in the heart of the Democratic Party.

Tom Seymour is a freelance magazine and newspaper writer, book author, naturalist and forager. He lives in Waldo.