Lois Zezima had an unfortunate incident with a prescription that she had refilled. I understand that she is home and resting now, but what a scare. This is a warning that every time a prescription is refilled, that you check to make sure that it is the correct medication and is also the correct dosage.

Remember, the time has arrived to sign up for fuel assistance. The number to call is 1-800-498-3025 to make an appointment if you need assistance.

The Thorndike Fire Department members that have recently completed Basic Fire School are Tom Dolman, Tim Veazie, Ben Lopes and Alex Mattson. Craig Millin has completed Firefighter I and Bill Isbister has completed the Traffic Incident Management at the national level. Congratulations to all and the Thorndike residents appreciate all your hard work.

I recently learned of a welding business in Thorndike. I guess I am like an ostrich and not paying much attention. Ben Ward's Welding and Fabrication is a certified and fully insured Mobile Welder. He resides on Cates Road and may be reached at 660-2994 or 568-5036. I will be calling him to check into the arbors he makes. They are awesome.

Evelyn and Richard Shibles recently spent some time on the home place and elsewhere in Maine. Their daughter, Elise, was also here for a visit. They had a safe trip back to Iowa and already planning on next year. It is always so good to visit with them.

John F. Kennedy was quoted as saying, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable."

I hope you enjoyed the fair and enjoy this week for all it has to offer.

Please call me with your news items by Thursday p.m. each week, so that they make Friday's a.m. deadline.