The neighborhood cats congregate on my porch; collectively, they are known as the "riff-raff." Over the years I have stopped giving them real names and call them by descriptive monikers: Tiger, Blackie, Gray Kitty, Mini Gray Kitty, Whitey, Fluffy, etc. The one exception is Ruby. The poor little thing has only one ear and lost her tail last summer.

Only a couple more weeks left of The Market of Unity. If you haven't checked it out yet, I encourage you to do so. There are some fabulous vendors and crafters there with very reasonable prices. I know I am looking forward to another fabulous piece of maple walnut fudge from Najean Shedyak.

The town of Unity now has a laptop available to use in the office for people who do not have internet access and would like to apply for things such as deer and moose lotteries. If you are not technologically savvy, please bring someone with you to help navigate the system.

The town is looking for someone to plow the Town Office parking lot and clear the office walkways and sand when applicable. Must be insured. Drop off your quotes at the Town Office.

A reminder that tires placed out with trash will not be picked up. Please hold onto them for now. As soon as Fiberight is running, it should be resolved.

Short news week. If you have things you'd like to include for future columns, please get in touch with me.