I hope everyone has had a nice couple of weeks. I apologize for not having any news in this past week. Lisa didn't have time to get it typed up and sent, so I am having her do it all this week.

Two weeks ago

Tuesday night Lisa and Brooke came up to supper with me. We had chili that Derek had made and sent home with Lisa. It was really good, but was it ever hot. Lisa made homemade cornbread to go with it. The next night I had Chinese food delivered to me by brother Robert that Chase had ordered.


Brandi and Scout stopped in for a visit. LeeAnn was also here visiting. Brandi said that as soon as they get ready to head home from "Pop's," Scout always says that she wants to go and visit "Gate Gam." I know I am partial, but she is so darn cute. I am so lucky, I have four beautiful great-granddaughters.

Fall harvest

My brother Robert ended up with a lot of squash this season. Even though he planted less plants this year, he ended up with 70-plus squash.


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Jeans who were recently married in New Hampshire where he lives and is a teacher. He is the son of Jolene and Bruce. They went down to the wedding. Eric's sister Amy, Aunt Janice, and cousins Tammy and Lisa (who was home from Texas), also attended the wedding.


My oldest great-granddaughter, Ella, is cheering for the junior high football team. The other night, her game was cancelled at the last minute. She ended up getting off the school bus here at my house. She had her cheering outfit on. She did one of her cheering routines for me so I could watch her. I enjoyed it so much. I am unable to go and watch her at an actual game. It was so nice of her.


I would like to send my sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Barbara Grover who recently passed away. I remember her from school. Some of her family was here from out of state and stayed with Darol R.

Channel 2 News

Did you see the Channel 2 the other day? They were showing sunrises, and they showed a picture of a sunrise from Debbie of Jackson. My sister Shirley saw it and called to see if it was "our Debbie." Yes, it was, the sunrises up on the lower place are beautiful.

This week


What a day, I hope it isn't too boring for me to share. After a good night’s sleep, I was lying in bed watching my favorite cooking show, "The Kitchen." I no longer cook anymore, but I like watching the shows.

The next thing I knew, my granddaughter LeeAnn called and said she was on the way down, so she could be here while I showered. I told her I needed a coffee and doughnut first. Next thing I knew she and Ranger were here. Brooke also stopped in.

While I was showering, LeeAnn took my glasses and Life Line to clean them. She accidentally hit the button on the Life Line. A voice came across the speaker asking, "Mrs. Ludden, are you OK?" LeeAnn didn't know who was in the living room at first, then she realized what had happened. She told the lady on the line that I was OK, and that she was my granddaughter and she had hit the button by accident. The lady on the line said, "That's OK, have a nice day."

Once I had showered, LeeAnn made me scrambled eggs and another coffee. She then left and went to a birthday party, and Brooke left to go and babysit. Lisa called from Castine, she was at a Maine Maritime football game. I then talked to Debbie, Michelle, Marlene, Polly and Robert.

Maine Maritime Academy

Lisa and Derek went to Castine the last weekend in September. Derek's sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew came to Maine from Ketchikan, Alaska. Derek's brother in-law is an alumnus of MMA. They came for his 20th reunion, and it was also Homecoming Weekend. Lisa said they had a really nice time visiting with them and going to a football game. Darol R.'s granddaughter Halee also graduated from MMA. Lisa was surprised when she saw a flag with her picture on it right outside the bookstore.


It is that time of year. Keep watch of your dogs when they go outside. My great-granddaughter's two dogs got into a porcupine.


LeeAnn, Eric, Brooke, Lisa and I went to Machias to see Chris. We went out to breakfast after we went to church. We had a great time. It was so good to see him. It was a long ride down to Machias and back, but it was definitely worth the trip. I am so proud of you, Chris.

Please give myself or Lisa a call with any news you would like to share: 722-3450 or 722-3002.