A West Frankfort fire engine rolled over on Dickie Hill Road Oct. 8 while responding to a fire at a residence in Monroe, leaving the driver shook up and the truck totaled.

West Frankfort Fire Chief Roy Stone said the driver was blinded by the sun as he rounded a bend in the road at about 2 p.m. Stone said the truck's tires went off the tar, and when the driver attempted to steer back onto the road, he over-corrected and the engine rolled onto its side.

"He just kind of lost sight of the road for an instant," Stone said.

The driver, who was the only person in the fire engine, was checked out by ambulance personnel and found to have no serious injuries, Stone said. There were no other vehicles involved.

The tanker was totaled. Stone said it was insured, and he was hopeful about being able to replace it with something comparable. In the meantime, the department has a back-up, he said.

"Our other engine and our tanker did make it to the fire," Stone said, "but this one didn't."

Monroe Fire Chief Ken Clements said the fire involved a mobile home, which was destroyed. Neither the owner of the home nor firefighters were injured, he said.