Outgoing Treasurer David Parkman has held that Waldo County position for 16 years and the Republican has chosen not to run again in the current election. Republican Peter Sheff of Morrill and Democrat Bill Sneed of Prospect are vying to succeed him.

Taxes and budget reform are both priorities for Sheff.  Besides "making sure the commissioners are not over-spending, and alerting them if they are," he said. Sheff said he also sees this position as "a larger platform on which to address legislators in Augusta."

Sheff said Parkman asked him to run to represent "what he has done for the past 16 years."

Sneed has served on the Waldo County Budget Committee for 15 years, with 12 of those as chairman. "I know a fair amount about the county budget," he said.

Sneed has also been a Prospect selectman for 17 years and has served 13 years on the town's Planning Board.

Of the county treasurer role, Sneed said, "You hold an advisory role — the commissioners are the executives; you can offer your opinion and they can either take it or not."

According to Sneed, his priority would be to keep the county debt-free. He sees this position as a way to stay involved and give back to the community.