The Busline League middle school soccer regular season has wrapped and the single-elimination playoffs have kicked in.

The league played several games a week as the following schools have one or more teams: Troy Howard of Belfast, Oceanside of Thomaston, Woolwich, Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta, Camden-Rockport, Searsport, Medomak of Waldoboro, Wiscasset, Lincolnville, Bristol, Appleton, Vinalhaven, St. George, South Bristol, Nobleboro, Jefferson, Hope and Islesboro.

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Games are played through Saturday, Oct. 20, when the championships kick in at Point Lookout in Northport.

The boys and girls concluded regular-season play on Friday, Oct. 5 and began postseason games on Wednesday, Oct. 10, while the coed division will begin its playoffs on Friday, Oct. 12.

“Championship Saturday” is slated for Saturday, Oct. 20 at Point Lookout in Northport, as the coed championship game will kick in at 9 a.m., girls at 11 a.m. and boys at 1 p.m.

Additionally, the league's field hockey championship will follow the soccer title showdowns at 3 p.m.

The boys soccer final standings included: Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta 6-0, Oceanside of Thomaston 6-1, Camden-Rockport 5-2, Troy Howard of Belfast 4-3, Medomak of Waldoboro 3-3, Woolwich 2-5, Searsport 1-7 and Wiscasset 0-7.

The girls soccer final standings included: Camden-Rockport 6-0-1, Oceanside 5-0-2, Woolwich 5-2, Medomak 3-2-2, Great Salt Bay 3-3-1, Searsport 2-5, Troy Howard 1-6 and Wiscasset 0-7.

The coed soccer final standings included: Camden-Rockport 7th 11-0, Appleton 9-1-1, Camden-Rockport 6th 8-2, Hope 7-3, Lincolnville 6-3-1, Bristol 5-5, Jefferson 4-4, Islesboro 4-5, Nobleboro 3-8, St. George 2-8, Vinalhaven 1-9 and South Bristol 0-11.

First-round boys playoff games saw No. 2 Oceanside defeat No. 7 Searsport 9-0 and No. 4 Troy Howard defeat No. 5 Medomak 3-1 on Monday, Oct. 15. No. 3 Camden-Rockport beat No. 6 Woolwich, score unavailable, on Wednesday, Oct. 10, in a quarterfinal clash.

No. 8 Wiscasset also forfeited to top-seeded Great Salt Bay in a game originally scheduled for Monday, Oct. 15, but was postponed due to rain.

Thus, No. 2 Oceanside will host No. 3 Camden-Rockport Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 3:15 p.m., while No. 4 Troy Howard will travel to face No. 1 GSB in an upcoming semifinal playoff.

First-round girls playoff games saw No. 2 Oceanside beat No. 7 Troy Howard on Monday, Oct. 15, while No. 3 Woolwich defeated No. 6 Searsport 6-0 on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

No. 5 Great Salt Bay at No. 4 Medomak, scheduled for Monday, Oct. 15, was postponed due to rain. That game will now be played Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 6 p.m. under the lights at Lincoln Academy in Newcastle.

Top-seeded Camden-Rockport received a bye.

Preliminary coed playoff games saw No. 5 Lincolnville beat No. 12 South Bristol 5-0 and No. 9 Nobleboro beat No. 8 Islesboro 3-2 on Monday, Oct. 15. No. 7 Jefferson defeated No. 10 St. George Friday, Oct. 12, while No. 6 Bristol defeated No. 11 Vinalhaven Saturday, Oct. 13 in prelim playoff games.

Camden-Rockport 7th, Appleton, Camden-Rockport 6th and Hope receive byes to the quarterfinals.

Thus, upcoming quarterfinal playoff games (with dates and times included where available) are as follows: No. 9 Nobleboro will travel to face No. 1 Camden-Rockport 7th on Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 4:45 p.m. at Camden Hills Regional High School, No. 7 Jefferson will travel to face No. 2 Appleton, No. 6 Bristol will travel to face No. 3 Camden-Rockport 6th Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 3:30 p.m. at Camden Hills Regional High School and No. 5 Lincolnville will travel to face No. 4 Hope on Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 3:45 p.m.

The following are recently-reported results, which may or may not include information from both teams (results supplied by coaches or schools):

Girls soccer

Medomak 0, Great Salt Bay 0 (2OTs)

At Damariscotta Oct. 5, the Riverhawks and Cougars battled to a scoreless tie.

Medomak coach Andrea Williamson said Medomak led Great Salt Bay in offensive chances, though neither team could crease the net.

Oceanside 1, Camden-Rockport 1 (2OTs)

At Thomaston Oct. 3, the Mariners and Schooners battled to a stalemate. The game was scoreless at halftime.

Audrey Mackie scored the lone goal for Oceanside.

Medomak 7, Wiscasset 0

At Wiscasset Oct. 3, the Riverhawks soared past the hosts and prevailed by shutout. Medomak led 3-0 at halftime.

Leading the Medomak scoring attack were Jordan Doughty (goal), Eliza Luce (2 goals), Cindy Shelmerdine (goal), Alyssa Grindle (goal), Rachel Readinger (goal) and Madison Merrifield (goal).

Medomak coach Andrea Williamson said, “Great defense was played by Ryleigh Rainey, Devon Rainey, Cindy Sherlmerdine, Madison Boynton and Kendra Gladu.”

Searsport 3, Troy Howard 1

At Searsport Sept. 28, the Vikings netted a two-goal win over the Lions.

Kaylee Dodd netted the lone goal for Troy Howard.

Boys soccer

No. 2 Oceanside 9, No. 7 Searsport 0

At Thomaston Oct. 15, the Mariners netted a lopsided win over the Vikings.

Victor Shabani, Alex Bartlett and Taygan McAllister each netted two goals in the win for the Mariners, while Melvin Sermeno-Ormer, Hayden Jacques and Andrew Gehouskey added one and Bartlett and Jacques one assist.

Playoff: No. 3 Camden-Rockport 4, No. 6 Woolwich 0

At Camden Oct. 10, the Schooners sailed onto the semifinals with a win over the Wildcats. Camden-Rockport led 1-0 at halftime.

Leading the Schooner scoring attack were Owen Berez (goal), Wilson Fedarko (assist), Avery Hackett (2 goals) and Zanni Sabbatini (goal, 2 assists).

Griffin Carnell made two saves in net for Camden-Rockport.

Oceanside 2, Camden-Rockport 1 (OT)

At Thomaston Oct. 3, the Mariners got a goal in overtime and prevailed over the Schooners. The game was scoreless at halftime.

Hayden Jacques scored on a second-half penalty kick for the hosts, while Victor Shabani scored in overtime to win the game for Oceanside.

Medomak 7, Wiscasset 0

At Wiscasset Oct. 3, the Riverhawks netted a shutout victory over the Warriors.

Leading the visitors on offense were Will Cheesman (2 goals), Zan Nguyen (2 goals), Slavic Moody (goal), Kevin Sincyr (goal) and Kolby Staples (goal), while Isaac Swain, Deagan Lash and Bruce Bossow logged assists.

Kyle Smith made seven saves in goal for Medomak.

Oceanside 4, Troy Howard 1

At Thomaston Oct. 1, the Mariners netted a three-goal win over the Lions.

Alex Bartlett creased the net twice for the winners, while Victory Shabani and Noah Chapin scored once for Oceanside and Chapin added one assist.

Coed soccer

No. 5 Lincolnville 5, No. 12 South Bristol 0

At Lincolnville Oct. 15, the Lynx emerged victorious with a shutout of the Mariners. Lincolnville led 4-0 at halftime.

Leading the Lincolnville offense was Jordan Peasley (goal), Griffin Dubrow (goal, assist), Mason Clark (2 goals) and Aiden Aselton (goal).

Aselton had the shutout in goal for the Lynx.

“The scoring started at the 2:21 mark when right midfielder Jaden Johnson intercepted a Mariners’ pass in the South Bristol end, drove towards the corner and sent in an accurate pass to left midfielder Griffin Dubrow,” said Lincolnville coach Ben Edes. “Dubrow controlled the ball and then sent a heel pass into to striker Jordan Peasley that Peasley was able to field on the fly as he penetrated into the box past the defense and finished nicely to his right past the keeper. [Goal] Number two came one minute and 31 seconds later after a hand ball call just outside of right side of the Mariners’ box.  Midfielder Mason Clark teed it up and sent it arching in over everyone to find the back of the net.  Dubrow struck again at 9:17 after receiving a pass from midfielder Bailey Curtis.  He drove in from the left to pointblank range and slid it deftly past the keeper.  It was then Clark’s turn again, also unassisted as he stole a ball in the box, dribbled by his coverage, and slammed it home. The second half featured a single goal by keeper Aiden Aselton, out of the nets and playing defensive midfielder.  After spending ten minutes sending excellent passes to his teammates, he stole the ball near the South Bristol box with 43:24 gone, drove through the middle, and sent a fine shot in for the finish.”

Lincolnville 4, Jefferson 1

At Lincolnville Oct. 10, the Lynx overcame a one-goal deficit and netted a three-goal victory over the Chargers.

Jaden Johnson (goal, assist), Griffin Dubrow (2 goals) and Jordan Peasley (goal) led the Lincolnville offense, while Aiden Aselton minded the net for the Lynx.

“He [Aselton] was solidly supported by defenders Lincoln Outerbridge, Avery Luft, Roo Boetsch and Liliana Palise,” said Lincolnville coach Ben Edes. “In addition, midfielder Kara Andrews and defensive midfielders Bailey Curtis and Clark did a good job controlling the middle of the field for the Lynx.”

Hope 1, Lincolnville 0

At Hope Oct. 3, the Hawks netted the lone goal of the contest in the first half and prevailed over the Lynx.

Lincolnville coach Ben Edes said his side was in control “for the better part of the [second] half.”

“The Hawks managed several drives, but for the most part were forced on defense for the half,” the coach said. “The Lynx got their fans to their feet with multiple drives but just were unable to finish any of their drives. Nonetheless, they deserve significant credit for not giving up and continuing to dominate the half until the whistle put an end to the game.”

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