Good news for the Town of Waldo and Waldo County. The long drought appears to have ended. The ground has become saturated and water levels are at or even slightly above normal in ponds and lakes. Now when the ground freezes we won’t need to worry about a low water table.

This is cause for celebration and thanks. Had conditions not improved, people with wells might have faced grave difficulties.

Perchin’ prediction

This is a special edition of Perchin’ Prediction. Finally and at long last I was able to get out and go fishing. My first trip was aimed at harbor pollock, which should have come inshore long ago. But not a single pollock did my buddy Dave Small and I catch. However, we filled up a large cooler with 12- to 14-inch mackerel.

This, of course, was unheard of. Some few mackerel typically linger into November, staying near floats and piers, places where baitfish abide. But huge schools such as we encountered were, until now, strictly a summertime occurrence. Warming water temperatures are probably the cause. What the future holds for saltwater fishing is anyone’s guess.

In the garden

One gardening chore remains yet undone. It is now prime time to plant garlic. If you haven’t gotten your garlic in the ground, plan on doing it soon.

Also, it is time to plant spring-blooming bulbs. I love such ephemeral, early-season flowers as crocus, scilla and snowdrops. So if you can, head to the nearest garden center, pick up some bulbs and get them in the ground before snow flies. You will be handsomely rewarded next spring.

Weekly quote

“Bluebirds are gone now, but they left their song behind them.” – Hilda Conkling.