From the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory, occupants of crossing vehicles were rewarded with the unexpected view of the Norwegian Arctic/Antarctic discovery cruise ship, the MS Fram, anchored in the harbor between Fort Knox and Bucksport Harbor.

Named after one of the Norwegian research vessels used during Roald Amundsen's 1910-1912 South Pole expeditions, the ice-class research vessel, operated by Hurtigruten, was originally scheduled to visit the area in March. Bucksport Community and Economic Development Director Richard Rotella said excessive ice canceled that plan.

Friday morning while waiting at Bucksport Marina for the first group of about 15 passengers — of a total of about 70 — German, European, Canadian and U.S. tourists to be ferried from the eight-decked ship, which has 137 staterooms, Rotella said the ship is scheduled to return in May. The passengers had about 50 minutes to visit Bucksport before being shuttled by van to Fort Knox and the Observatory.

Renatta Seifert, who lives near Stuttgart Germany, said she traveled to both the Arctic and Antarctic on previous trips. This time, she is traveling to Miami, Florida.