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In Gordon Lightfoot’s trademark song, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," we heard the line, “The gales of November remember.” Well, turning that to modern-day politics, let me rephrase it by saying “The voters of America remember.” That, of course, refers to the unprecedented ferocity and cruel hatred of anything conservative in the Democratic party. The majority of voters in America will certainly remember this and vote accordingly.

During the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, acting with direction and funding from ultra-liberal donors, screaming, maniacal protestors packed the halls of Congress, drowning out Republican voices and violating every rule of accepted behavior.

What’s more, again acting on prompts from the Democratic party, paid protestors invaded Republican senator’s private spaces, driving peaceful citizens from public restaurants, sending threatening letters to Republicans, warning of death and destruction.

Is this how a once-respected political party is supposed to act? No, it certainly is not. But come November the voters of America will remember.

One protester sent a video of a beheading to a Republican senator’s wife. Another group had a keg party in front of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s house. Are these the actions of right-minded people? Certainly not. I do hope, though, that the voters of November will remember.

And now, because of her impassioned speech and her vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Susan Collins is being threatened in ways that no American should be threatened. In the past I have denounced Collins for voting with Democrats rather than voting with her chosen party. But her courage in finally standing for what is right makes me say, “Welcome back to the flock, Sen. Collins. Job well done.”

Even more demented, because of Collins’ vote, liberals around the country are boycotting Maine and Maine products. Many have vowed to never visit Maine again. For my part, that isn’t all bad. Consider summer traffic on the highways. If half of the outta-state liberals stayed home, Mainers might be able to again drive on our highways without the risk of being run off the road by angry tourists, hell-bent on arriving who-knows-where in the shortest time.

Sure, I realize that such boycotts may somewhat harm our economy, but in the larger picture, this doesn’t amount to a whole lot. The more important matter is the vehement opposition to Collins’ “yes” vote. Many of these people are boycotting L. L. Bean, just because they are a Maine-based company. Talk about biting off your nose to spite your face.

Conservatives unite

The biggest threat to Republicans and conservatives in general in the upcoming election is voter apathy. Our economy has reached a hallmark high point. The Second Amendment is finally safe. Jobs go begging to be filled. Incomes are up, thanks to the Trump tax cut. And so many people don’t feel the need to get out and vote. But that could be the biggest mistake of their lives.

Just because things are going well, don’t think for a moment that it all can’t go the other way if Democrats take over the House, the Senate, or both. Given loss of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi would become speaker. That alone should have a sobering effect upon voters.

The same goes for our Maine conservative candidates. By now we are all used to Democrat-run smear ads, but the current crop of Democrat politicians may have gone a bit too far. For instance, Jared Golden, running for Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s seat, has painted Poliquin as attempting to gut Medicare and Social Security. In fact, improving both these services is Poliquin’s true mission.

For Second Amendment enthusiasts, the NRA has given Golden the lowest possible rating. You be the judge of whom to put in office.

And then we have the governor’s race. In his two terms, Gov. Paul LePage has done what few others were capable of. That is, he managed, without raising taxes, to pay off the huge debts left by his predecessor, Democrat John Baldacci. And LePage has managed to accrue a large rainy-day fund.

Of course Democrats are salivating with desire to tap into that fund and use it for their pet social programs. And when that money runs out, who do you think will pick up the tab? As in every other instance, it will be the working men and women of Maine.

Janet Mills, the Democrat running for the governor’s seat, has tried to thwart LePage at every turn, but to little avail. Mills considers Maine taxpayers as a piggy bank for funding the liberal and socialist agenda. And if we don’t get out this November and vote for Republican Shawn Moody, our worst fears may come to fruition. It all depends upon voter turnout.

But I predict that this time around, the ruling party will not lose in the mid-term election. And that’s because the voters will remember the indignities, the outrageous behavior and the seething venom on the part of Democrats. For the good of the nation and for the good of Maine, the voters of November need to remember and vote accordingly.

Tom Seymour is a freelance magazine and newspaper writer, book author, naturalist and forager. He lives in Waldo.