Hello to All,

Here we go it is snowing outside as I type this up, will be changing to rain and get real windy, I have heard. Looks like some snow and rain together, whatever it is I can see snow on the grass. Oh well, it is that time of year that Mother Nature blankets the earth here in the North with snow. Regardless, I will never leave here. Stay safe, everyone, we may lose power. If you have no generator, get some water set aside for use just in case. Nothing like being prepared.

Veterans Supper

Coming up at the Varney Building on Saturday, Nov. 10, the folks of Jackson and Brooks will host a Spaghetti Supper, 4:30-6 p.m. Free-will donations. If you have flags that need to be disposed of, please drop them off, and in future will be a Flag Burning Ceremony. Date to be announced. Let's attend this supper to support our vets.

Kids, yes, tell the kids!

The Thorndike Mill and Meeting Place announces the Santa's Snowbird Express Train Rides, Unity to Thorndike. Christmas trains. A premiere event in Waldo County and a collaboration between Farwell's and the B&MLRR. Over 60 round-trips planned between Unity and Thorndike starting Nov. 23.

Visit upcoming events for all the details and click the link to the B&MLRR to book your tickets soon. All proceeds benefit both of the organizations, Farwell's project and Thorndike Mill. Sounds like lots of fun. Let's hope the train will be running in tiptop shape.

Deer tagging season

The places in this area to tag are Freedom General, Weavers Store, and Morrill General. JP Wentworth Store is not tagging as the procedure to do so is all online now. They felt that it was not possible to provide the high standard of customer service that they strive for either to hunters or to grocery shopping customers. I agree with JP's. Making it harder. Any questions or comments, call IF&W at 287-8000.


Another scam, as now there are new scams ― a suspicious call from the Social Security. The number is the real agency number, but it is not a real customer service line. It is fake, and looking to get your info. Do not share any info. Do not fall for this, if you get the call, immediately hang up.

The fraudsters are imitating the agency's phone number to lure people into answering the phone. The number they are using is 800-772-1213, but it’s most likely a technological trick that thieves are using to try to obtain your actual Social Security number or other personal info. This type of fraud is called a spoofing scam. Just hang up! The same has happened with the Internal Revenue Service. Always beware.

Mount View cheerleaders

The cheerleaders are taking orders for a fundraiser. They have beautiful centerpieces of pine, fir and cedar with decorations, candle, berries, pinecones, and bow, etc., 12-inch, $20. This is to purchase new uniforms. Deadline is Nov. 16, ready on Dec. 10. Contact one of the cheerleaders, as I heard this from Shauna Randall. Robin from Robin's Nest will be making them.


Our condolences to the family of Cecil Porter, who passed recently. We send our condolences to the family of John Robbins, who has also passed away.

Austin J. Grant Memorial Breakfast

The annual breakfast was held in Thorndike on the first day of hunting. Lori thanks all who helped in any way to support this event. There will be help going out to different ones through this endeavor. I know someone will get driver ed paid for. And more to come. A big thanks to the Thorndike Fire Department persons who came and helped as well. A good job by all.  Thanks to you, too, Lori! You have a big kind heart.

Legion Hunters Supper

On Saturday, Nov. 10, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. in Unity at the Legion Hall. A raffle will be drawn following the supper for the guns, plus other prizes. Get your tickets!

Hunters’ Breakfast

At the Freedom Firehouse on Saturday, Nov. 10, 5 to 10 a.m. A time to get filled up before you head out hunting.


Happy birthday to grandson, Kyle Doughty! Hope you had a great day.

Knox Bicentennial

We are hoping families in town that have lived here a long time will write up a report of your family from the past 200 years, or whatever long time you have been here. We are looking for history, pictures, and info for our book we plan to get published of the townspeople. Places, and businesses. Please email it to Myrna at She is typing up info. Next meeting for planning is Nov. 1, 9 a.m. Or mail to me: 194 Morse Road, Knox, ME 04986. We need all participation from families if you want your people mentioned in the book. Thanks!


Our next-door neighbor, Freedom Congregational Church will host a Roast Turkey Supper on Saturday, Nov. 3, 4:30 to 6 p.m. Turkey and all the fixings.

Freedom Community Historical Society

Appraisal Night Saturday, Nov. 10, 7 to 9 p.m. at the Grange Hall. $5 admission with one item. Trash or treasure, come to find out. An Antiques Road Show. Share your collectibles and keep the proceeds.  $10 for a table rental. There will be a table showing the old barber, Fred Flye's contents of his attic. Paul Flynn, Roy Bryant and Bob Stover. Donations welcomed. Refreshments served. Fundraiser for the society.

Veterans Day Service

Sunday, Nov. 11, 11 a.m. at Freedom Congregational Church. Any info, call Cindy at 382-6177. Veterans wanted, color guards, flag holders, and others to take part in the program put on by the Rec Committee.

Next free rabies clinic

At Searsmont Town Office Saturday, Nov. 10, 9 to 11 a.m. with Dr. Sarah Caputo administering the shots. You know the drill, dogs on leashes, cats in containers. Free for Waldo County residents.


First day, some folks were successful. Good for them. Enjoy the fall.

Until next week, be safe. It is blowing and snowing; must get this posted.